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Biden Outright Ignores His Granddaughter And Even His Supporters Aren’t Thrilled

Source: Al Jazeera

On the family front, there is a version of Joe Biden with which some Americans are not quite pleased. There have been commendations from multiple quarters about the restoration of the American economy. However, this little spot in Biden’s feast has made his popularity ratings dwindle a little bit. 

In an unofficial popularity poll, American grandparents, who can easily see things from President Biden’s perspective, were interviewed to find out their take on the politician’s unacknowledged daughter. 

If you are of the number that is unaware that President Biden has a grandchild, welcome to the land of enlightenment. The girl in question is the daughter of President Biden’s 53-year-old son, Hunter, and an Arkansas woman—Lunden Roberts. Thanks to their illicit relationship that led to Roberts being pregnant, Hunter has refused to take responsibility for the child. It is widely reported that Roberts met Hunter during a stressful period in the man’s life. At that time, Hunter Biden was struggling with drug addiction, and the duo, in fact, met at a strip club. 

Roberts’ daughter was born in 2018, and Hunter Biden’s denial of responsibility persisted until 2020. Roberts’ conducted a DNA test to prove her daughter was fathered by Hunter, and she proceeded to sue him for child support claims. So, the judge eventually ruled in favor of Roberts, instructing Hunter to pay a monthly sum of $20,000 for 37 months. 

Now, here’s where President Biden comes in. The number one citizen of the United States has six grandchildren and refused to acknowledge Roberts’ daughter as the 7th. Consequently, the president has received knocks from various quarters about his refusal to acknowledge the child his son had out of wedlock. For example, during the Take Your Child to Work Day in April, the president mentioned that he has six grandkids and stated that he interacted with them every day. Likewise, the first lady—Jill Bidden—hung six socks with the name of their grandchildren to celebrate their first Christmas in the White House. 

Republicans have torn into Joe Biden’s reputation, citing the hypocrisy being portrayed by the non-acknowledgment. These opponents have even made political shades about this blot in the Biden family. Interestingly, there are equally some Democrats who don’t agree with President Biden on this matter, as they feel acknowledging the young girl will do no harm to the president’s plan for re-election. However, the issue is a significant one for Hunter and his family, as Roberts has been legally hand-twisted from assigning the name Biden to her daughter. 

While opinions are divided about President Biden’s official denial of his 7th grandchild, some Americans feel it in no way affects his political credibility or the support he’ll get during the 2024 polls. Some Biden supporters have gone as far as highlighting the many moral faults of the top contender of the 2024 polls—Donald Trump. According to these supporters, some of America’s past presidents had issues in their families, and they handled them as they were—personal matters. 


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