Useful Tips and Tricks to Make Your Next Move a Breeze

By: Lauren Wurth | Published: Nov 05, 2023

You’ve found a new home! Congratulations! You imagine yourself in the new space, figuring out where the furniture will go, picturing everything moved in, calm and gorgeous. But getting to that point is one of the most stressful life events ever.

Why is it so stressful? You’ve been living in a familiar space, and now you have to up-end every single item around you, including yourself and your family. What will you pack? What will you toss? Will the move go well?   

Not to worry, we have some hints to make everything go just a little more smoothly.

Label, Label, Label

Whatever goes into that box must come out and have a place in the new home. You might be tempted to toss things in boxes just to get started but hold back. Picture yourself in your new home surrounded by boxes with no labels. Chaos shall reign.  


Source: Kelly Reci/ Pinterest

Label your boxes carefully. Instead of “Bedroom,” note precisely where the box should go. For the kitchen, label the boxes “Kitchen Small Appliances” or “Kitchen silverware.” The more identifiable the box, the easier it will be to unpack.  


Use Your Ready-Made Moving Boxes - Suitcases

Grab those suitcases out of storage and use them to pack – they are great for storing clothing, linens, and even heavier items. They have wheels, and you can even pop them into your car and move them.  


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If your kids have their own carry-on-size suitcases, let them pack their toys, it will make them feel that they are helping with the move. Also, unlike the moving boxes, you can empty the suitcases and then refill them.

Seal Toiletries

Surprise! You unpack to find your body wash all over your towels and linens! Aren’t you glad we warned you about this? You’re welcome.  


Source: Today Show/ Pinterest

So here’s what you need to do. Take a piece of plastic wrap and place it between the bottle and the bottle top. Screw the bottle on well and test for leaking. You can also toss each container into a ziplock bag, but that is going to get expensive.

Don’t Lose your Drawers!

No, not those drawers (don’t lose them either). We mean the drawers in your night tables, desks, and bureaus. Your mover will grab drawered furniture while it’s still filled with clothing, work supplies, etc. If the drawers aren’t sealed, well, let’s not go there. Just remember to seal all drawers before the movers show up.  


Source: Family Handyman/ Pinterest

For an added layer of protection, open the drawers and seal each drawer separately so that nothing shifts during the move. Plastic wrap is your best friend here.  

Take the Clothes With their Hangers

Some movers offer cardboard closets – ask yours if that is available. It’s essentially a big cardboard box (over five feet tall) with a rod inside for you to hang your clothes. Then, you move them from the closet to the box. 

Alternatively, you can grab the clothes on their hangers and cover them with big trash bags.  

Source: Buzzfeed/ Pinterest

The trash bags will protect the clothes during the move. When you get to the new place, rip off the bags (or untie them if you’re thrifty), and you’re done.  


You’ve Got Packing Supplies Everywhere

During the packing process, you’ll probably realize that you can use what is already in your home as “boxes.” For example, stash your small appliances in laundry baskets that you will use as soon as you get to your new place. 

Source: Kien Vang/ Pinterest

You might want your coffee maker or toaster to be immediately available. An added plus of the laundry basket is that it has handles – great for carrying. Finally, don’t forget your wash buckets – they also have handles and can be stuffed with kitchen utensils.


Don’t Forget Your Security Deposit

If you’re moving out of an apartment, your lease might require you to fill in the holes in your walls before you move. That means a trip to the hardware store, spackling, waiting, and painting. We have a much easier solution – a bar of soap.  

Source: Tips nad Tricks/ Pinterest

Just rub the bar against the wall until the hole is completely filled. Then wipe away the excess soap. Voila!


We Love Handles

Save your back and legs – don’t try to pick up a heavy moving box by grabbing it from the bottom. Before you fill the boxes, cut out holes on either side so you can lift them more easily. After all that packing, we don’t want you to drop Grandma’s vase.  

Source: eastwood homes

To make the handles, just cut triangle shapes about a third of the way down the side of the box. Remember to tape the boxes well on all sides. This will keep items from falling out.  


Roll your Clothes

Whether you’re moving or traveling, packing clothes to save space is one of the key steps. Rolling your clothes is a great space-saver. Tightly roll your clothes before packing them into your bags or boxes.

Source: securcare self storage

Folding or haphazardly throwing the clothes wastes space and can get really disorganized. Again, one of the keys to packing well is doing it in a way that will make your future self happy when you have to unpack them!


Keep a Fitted Mattress on your Bed to Keep it Clean

Keeping your mattress clean during a move is not easy. Dust and dirt get moved around in any move and if you’re using a moving truck, chances are you’re going to have to give most of your belongings a good wipe down after the move.

Source: hip 2 save

A great way to protect your mattress is to keep a fitted sheet over it. It’s easier to throw a sheet in the wash than it is to clean an entire mattress. And you won’t have to buy a mattress bag.


Donate or Sell Some Stuff

Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of the stuff that has been collecting dust in your house forever. Take a little extra time to weed out the clothes and other items that you haven’t used in years.

Source: hide-away storage

Make a donate, sell, and trash pile to keep things organized. You don’t want to carry unnecessary baggage to the next place for it to collect dust in a different house. If you haven’t used it in a year, you won’t miss it.