This Is How Much Queen Elizabeth II Was Worth After She Died

By: Stephen Thompson | Last updated: Nov 02, 2023

The British Royal Family and its lifestyle have always been a topic discussed by common folk. The numerous large properties, expensive jewels, priceless artwork, and many other pricy items make it hard to determine what each family member owns. 

However, the recent demise of Queen Elizabeth II has brought her worth to the limelight.

The Queen’s Personal Worth

To have a better understanding of how much Queen Elizabeth was worth, her personal worth and net worth had to be separated. Altogether, the British Royal Family has an estimated value of about $78 billion, assets and all.


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Forbes‘ estimation of the Queen’s personal worth was about $500 million, a vast fortune that still does not make her one of Britain’s most prosperous. That figure, however, only includes her personal assets.


The Royal Inheritance

Her personal properties include Balmoral Castle in Aberdeen, Scotland, which is worth $140 million, a stamp collection worth $124 million, and Sandringham house in the English countryside, valued at $65 million. 


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The rest of her fortune, however, belongs to the Crown, which means her successor will inherit the wealth the same way she inherited hers in 2002— from her mother. She inherited a $70 million estate with property and everything in it.

Taxes Provide Important Source of Income

Apart from inheritance, the rest of the Royal Family gets its money from taxes. The money goes through the Crown Estate, a business on its own, before arriving to the queen or king. Although its tax system had been around since the start of the Royal Family, the current system has been adjusted for today’s financial considerations.


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Through the Crown Estate, the money funnels to the country’s Minister of Finance, who allocates a certain percentage to the Royal Family, distributed amongst the royals.

The Royal Vaults

In 2020, the Crown Estate earned over $700 million, with a $475 million profit. The latest Sovereign Grant received by the royals was about $120 million, according to Forbes


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For now, the late Queen’s will dictates how her assets and wealth will be given to her successor, just like how hers was passed down to her. She will pass down the palace, everything in it, and her personal property.