These Creative Individuals Invented Simple Solutions For Ordinary Obstacles

By: Calla Conway | Published: Jan 13, 2022

Everything will break eventually. It may feel like we are continually purchasing and replacing things we once loved in our lives, but when we accept that nothing will last forever, this process is less frustrating. It is interesting to note that, while replacing things can get costly for some people, there are others who will always find a way to keep costs low.

Knowing how to think outside the box and accomplish something quickly or on a tight budget is an exceptionally helpful ability to have. That said, we have rounded up the most insane solutions from Reddit that will have you motivated to come up with your own bizarre and superb answers to daily problems.

Comfort Matters

With regards to life in Australia, it is best to avoid posing too many inquiries. Everything we have heard while growing up has centered around deadly creatures, insects, and climactic events. So, it makes sense that the Australian public has invented ways of coping.


Can you imagine driving a truck around in blistering heat the entire day? This make-shift window pad is genius. We think the truck driver should transform this idea into a new business venture. He’d just need to make it look a little more stylish.

Is This Repurposed Train Safe?

With regards to construction, there are some essential guidelines that will help you determine whether something will work or not. Furthermore, we’re almost certain that if you utilize old materials, you ought to ensure that these materials can withstand the strain of their new job.


Repurposing this old train carriage as a bridge may seem smart, but who can say for sure how safe it really is. It doesn’t seem as though this is where such a large number of individuals come, so maybe it is fine. Just think twice about walking across if you see this “bridge” in the wild! 

Making The Impossible Possible

Depending on where you happen to reside, you may need to get yourself a vehicle that can withstand outrageous weather events or tough terrain. This guy has figured out how to make an old car appropriate for downtown flooding.


Without a doubt, he has hydraulics in place in his vehicle, which has permitted him to raise the vehicle up to this crazy height. This image is a great reminder that if there is a will, there is a way. We’re booking our cars in for an upgrade this week!

Beat The System

Sooner or later in life, you will scrutinize the decisions that got you to the position you’re in now. Why this, why that? Why did you ever sell your precious motorbike? These questions demand time and hard work to unravel. However, if you’re missing your motorbike, you don’t have to go without it.


This motorbike is totally exceptional, useful, and handcrafted. Let this be a guide to you if you think you don’t have the cash to achieve your dreams. All things are possible – you just need the right frame of mind (and a few planks of wood).

Think Outside The Box

We have all been in circumstances that have pressed us to think creatively. Whether or not we prevailed and learned how to work more efficiently is another story. Let’s be honest – more often than not, we likely do the job the only way we know how without contemplating the alternatives.

Needless to say, this is an incredible method for filling a container with water. Just because it doesn’t fit in the sink doesn’t mean you can’t fill it all the way to the top. We’re thinking of trying this easy hack at home! 


Just Booby Trap It

Did you know that the relationship between cats and birds has been consistently fraught? For unknown reasons, felines consistently cause anguish to birds. Maybe it is their capacity to fly that makes our furry friends so mad. Perhaps cats simply wish they could have wings.

This pet owner thought up an exceptional method for keeping their cat away from their birdhouse. A booby trap is an ideal method for ensuring felines stay far away from birds. Though cats are ingenious, they aren’t smart enough to escape such a trap, and we all know how much they hate getting wet!


Speed Limit

When changes in programming and handling are required in a warehouse, it can take time for workers to change their habits. So, when this distribution center had to make workers abide by a new speed limit in forklifts, they came up with an ingenious way to achieve 100% compliance.

Every worker now complies with the new speed limit, despite the fact that it is half the speed they used to be able to go. Rather than investing energy in training or wasting time on meetings, they came up with a simpler and more intelligent arrangement. What do you think?


Is This Staircase Strong Enough?

It seems like pallets have turned into the coolest thing to reuse lately. Given that wood is a valuable item, it’s a good idea to upcycle it. Indeed, people have been recycling wood as a resource for quite a while now.

This illustration of this wooden flight of stairs most certainly makes a statement. But would it be strong enough to carry the average person’s weight? It appears as though it is, and we hope a true architect or engineer approved this design. 


Quick Gardening Fix

There is always a ton of gardening work that can be done around the house. Even if you think your lawn is immaculate, we guarantee you’d find a weed to pick or some leaves to rake if you went outside. It seems like this individual isn’t enthusiastic about gardening but is a major devotee of critical thinking!

Without a doubt, this is not a permanent fix. However, it certainly looks good in the photo. We have to admit – we’re impressed with this quick gardening solution. 


The Drive-Thru Trick

Drive-Thrus are services providing comfort and convenience to customers. The day we no longer needed to get out of the vehicle to get food was a win for many of us.

Question: have you ever wanted to walk through the Drive-Thru to check whether it could work? This person got up one day and did what needed to be done. From his relaxed posture, it seems he’s pulled out this trick more than once. We salute your creativity and confidence, dude!


How To Avoid The Expense Of A Plumber

Everybody knows that when you need plumbing work done, it is never going to be cheap. You could be charged a cosmic sum for the call-out fee alone. We get it – the work can be gross, and plumbers deserve to be paid well for what they do. Still, the expense can be too much for some people to afford.

That is why we can’t blame people who decide to take control of their plumbing issues and create DIY solutions. That is exactly what this person has done. We don’t know whether this was the most brilliant idea, but it does seem to be working. 


Please Maintain Cleanliness

Keeping our surroundings clean has always been a concern since no one can really tell what dreadful germs and viruses are going around. As of late, we have all taken even greater care in keeping each other protected from bacteria, germs, and viruses.

With that said, have you ever seen something so extraordinary? As a rule, people often avoid touching these rails since they can get rather grimy. However, you sometimes have no choice but to touch the railing if you need to steady yourself. For this reason, we think this invention could be developed into something totally groundbreaking.


DIY Observatory

As you age, you start to understand that it is truly great to enjoy a few hobbies. Regardless of whether your leisure activities involve creation or relaxation, there is certainly something for everybody. It is vital to invest time and attention into things that give you pleasure.

This guy constructed his own observatory behind his house. It probably isn’t the best observatory ever invented, but it seems to be getting the job done. We hope he finds what he’s seeking in the night sky.


A Brilliant Idea

When it comes to building your tool box, the process won’t be cheap. There are so many tools with various functions out there. If you like to do your own handiwork, you will end up needing a pretty comprehensive kit, and if you want quality tools, they often come at a hefty price.

This person had the right idea when he made his own movable wrench. We don’t have the foggiest idea how this person even thought up the design behind this thing, but it is incredibly cool. 


Secure Your Car

There are a lot of ways you can prevent people from taking your possessions, but thievery is out of your control sometimes. If by some stroke of good luck, there was a reliable method of preventing people from taking your car, we’d be all ears.

Well, if you drive a stick shift, then you have a surefire method of keeping thieves from taking your vehicle. It seems as though there is some work required to get the bracket in place. Nevertheless, this is a cunning method for safeguarding your beloved vehicle!


Makeshift Gym

We have become acclimated to living in the period of social media and are continually comparing ourselves to others. Imagine a scenario where we returned to less complex occasions. This person chose to make his own gym out of wood and concrete squares.

It may appear to be somewhat bizarre, but it will unquestionably get the job done! While we are concerned with his safety, we’re certain he’s got that figured out. This person identified the problem and made a creative solution.


An Extremely Confident Guy

Nowadays, getting a building permit can take quite long. Before you can even think about building, you have to carry out so many tasks. Furthermore, you have to gather up all the tools and materials you will need.

When faced with so many obstacles, why not simply remove them and do everything yourself, without the local government knowing? Of course, we don’t suggest doing anything like that! This person assumed he was invincible. One wrong maneuver, however, and all of his improvised platforms will collapse.


All It Takes Is Creativity

Let’s face it – we have all been in a circumstance where we really wanted something but couldn’t have it. As frustrating as it is, some way or another, we manage to endure. This individual required a lot of washers but acknowledged that he didn’t have any.

What he did have was a whole pile of beer caps lying around. So, he came up with a creative method for reusing these otherwise useless objects. If you have some shelves that need fixing, you may even be able to use this ingenious, eco-friendly hack as well!


Sun Protection Redefined

The sun can seriously affect your skin and your health. That is why it is highly recommended you always shield yourself from its shining grandness. While sunscreen is useful, physical sun protection is great too. Take it from this guy who protected his skin with this huge beach umbrella.

While it would be a tad awkward strolling around that way, with a pole strapped into your shorts, he’s definitely cool with it. Did we mention he’s unmindful of the people laughing behind his back? We love his confidence.


Bathtub Aircraft

As technology gets more advanced, it makes sense that we simply need to grow with it. However, there are a few things we presumably shouldn’t do, such as making an airplane that has positively no security at all.

Yes, that is a man sitting in a homemade drone, and yes, he did successfully fly around in it. That’s a bathtub with a bit of foam strapped to the bottom – presumably for a soft landing. Don’t try this at home, kids!


Dual Purpose

There are moments in life where you have to make some important decisions about yourself and where you are going. At times, these pivotal moments will come in the form of an investment opportunity. Often, you are forced to choose between two different things. 

Sometimes, you can figure out a way to get the best of both worlds, just like the person who owns this campervan-motorbike combo. Whoever said you can’t have it all? This person proves that all things are possible. You just have to be innovative and confident. 


Car Horn as Doorbell?

Though it’s wonderful to own your first home, it also comes with a lot of new responsibilities. Where once your landlord was responsible for things, now you have to step up and fix them. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to take your responsibilities seriously. 

Broken doorbells are a common occurrence. They are also an easy fix. However, if you have something funny – like an old-fashioned horn – lying around, why not have some fun? We like this better than a boring old doorbell!


Mirror, Mirror, On My Car…

Most drivers have probably accidentally hit or gently scraped another person’s vehicle or a parking garage pole at some point in their lives. Relax, we have all been there.

We have no clue about what befell this person’s vehicle. We don’t even know if it was the driver’s fault or if someone hit their rearview mirror and knocked it off. All we know is that this is an entertaining fix. There’s no denying it takes care of business! 


Anything For Freedom

While driving a tractor can be fun, there are numerous ways to get yourself in trouble. Thankfully, there are just as many creative ways to get yourself out of trouble again. Indeed, we have a suspicion that some people get themselves stuck on purpose, just so they can enjoy the drama of getting themselves out!

There is an old stunt that soldiers even utilized in WWII with tanks. You attach poles to the wheels of the vehicle to help free it from its stuck position. This method isn’t 100% safe, so we recommend getting somebody who has done it before to take the lead.


Step Up

One of the best things about being a grown-up is having your own tools. You don’t need to ask people if you can borrow their tools, and you can fix and construct things anytime you want. What happens, however, if you don’t have the devices you need for a particular job?

This person figured out a way of transforming his present tools into something unique! Nowadays, many drills already come with a level built-in. However, if you have an earlier model, this is a fail-safe method for getting an even finish.


In The Name Of Gaming

Gamers take their hobby seriously and even have these insane set-ups to demonstrate it. The ideal gaming station features earphones, numerous screens, and extravagant gaming chairs. However, who said you need expensive versions of those things to be a true gamer?

It probably doesn’t look extraordinary, but this gaming chair most certainly takes care of business. Indeed, having supreme comfort can put you in just the right mood for a long and fruitful gaming session. How about getting up and moving your legs for 5-10 minutes?


Personalized Basketball Hoop

Being an adult opens up a world of endless fun things to try. Regardless of where you direct your attention, you’re bound to find plenty of adventures as you make your way through life. If not, you can always make your own.

This certainly isn’t a common method for creating a basketball hoop, but this PVC pipe improvisation is impressive. When you ask your folks for a basketball hoop, and they can’t manage the cost of it, ask them to take you to the hardware store instead! 


Limit The Volume

A loud stereo system can be entertaining, but not for your neighbors who are not impressed with the bands you listen to at all hours of the day and night. With regards to friendly conduct, there is a mutual relationship that must be honored in order to live in harmony with neighbors. So, you need to make sure to give a little when you can.

We think this is a fantastic method of holding fast to that mutual relationship we were discussing. By restricting the volume on this home theater system, your neighbors will not get tired of you or your music, even if your taste is questionable!


A Disturbing Playground

Though we learn about the world’s biggest wars in the history books, it’s easy to forget that these horrible events really took place when our daily lives are so peaceful. Of course, there are people all over the world who are still suffering through conflict.

There is something profoundly unsettling about this image. It is more than just a swing set. We trust these swings are made from missiles that are no longer dangerous in any way. However, we still wouldn’t want to swing on them!


Just Trying Something New

We are so used to having technology and tools that handle everything for us. Indeed, it’s easy to forget how to do basic jobs when you never have to do them for yourself. These innovative shoes take us back to a time when we had to figure out problems for ourselves. 

This may appear like a boring invention, but the shoes are invaluable if you need to climb a pole to fix a light or power cables. We don’t have the foggiest idea how safe something like this is, but it clearly works for whoever made these climbing shoes. 


A Necessary and Rare Invention

When it’s summer and the AC unit isn’t working, it definitely isn’t pleasant. There is nothing more uncomfortable than when you are attempting to relax but don’t possess the ability to do so because it’s far too hot. On such days, it’s essential to get creative.

Whoever made this versatile cooling unit is a genius. They took cooler water and pumped it via a copper coil that ran over a fan. There are certain people in this world who have a talent for these things. Do you think you could be one of them?


A Creative Neck Cramp Remedy for VR Goggles

There are so many games and devices you can get your hands on nowadays. However, utilizing these things can include some significant pitfalls if you don’t watch out. Regardless of how fun it is, you want to ensure you are taking care of yourself. 

While virtual reality games are truly engaging, the lopsided weight distribution can put a strain on your neck. That is the reason somebody invented this incredible device to balance the weight when you are playing the game!


The Strangest Use For Cardboard

As you age, there are things that may start to trouble you more than they did before. There comes a moment in our lives where we simply aren’t as competent as we used to be. This woman’s grandson stepped in to help her with her cooling vent. 

It was blowing a lot of cold air too aggressively. This issue was so frustrating that she was unable to appreciate watching TV any longer. So, the grandson made a little device to make sure that his grandma could keep watching her favorite shows without the cool air bothering her.


Two Tasks Completed

Most of us have high standards when it comes to medical interventions. Regardless of whether we’re at a clinic or in a hospital, we expect a certain level of care. We also expect to be treated with the most cutting-edge medical equipment. 

This man resting in his hospital bed, with his IV drip fixed on one of his toes, is accomplishing practically everything for his doctor. On a serious note, this is not a permanent solution. We hope this doctor had an IV stand brought in for the patient soon!


When Safety Doesn’t Matter

The world has made considerable progress in the last 50 years. The 1980s was an era when security was viewed in a serious way, but not to the degree that it is today. Fortunately, we have more developed innovations to help us travel safely today.

This old carriage is an illustration of the safety standards present in Switzerland during the 1980s. It isn’t especially protected, but for reasons unknown, people are sitting inside this half-broken vehicle in a cable car lift. Would you take a ride? 


A Hands-Free Phone

Kids experience each day as a brand new day as they prepare for new experiences and adventures. They explore the world, attempting to figure everything out and committing plenty of silly errors along the way.

This sort of expert conduct is what happens after a kid has made plenty of silly mistakes but started to get a few things right. This child taped the telephone to his face so he could play Xbox and converse with his friends at the same time. Isn’t he a genius in the making?


An Improvised IV Stand

When animals become ill, it can be heartbreaking for the owner. We want them to stay healthy and happy forever, but deep down, we understand that this isn’t possible. Of course, we still do everything we can to make our beloved animals comfortable.

In addition to contacting a vet, animal lovers find ways of improvising to help their pets. This cow required an IV drip, but the drug store had run out of IV holders, so the owner utilized a broomstick to hold the cow’s drip. True love is a beautiful thing!


Obsessed With Lemons

Imagine if you had a lemon tree in your backyard. You would never have to pay for another lemon again. Buying them would suddenly feel like something outrageous to do. You’d be set – until your lemon tree got so large that you could no longer reach the fruit. What then?

This doesn’t mean that you would have to leave your favorite fruit hanging on the tree! Somebody chose to make their own device using a tiki torch and knife to chop down the higher lemons, and it appears as though it worked! 


The Next Einstein

When you’re a child, you are frequently restricted in your ability to go places. You can’t drive yet, and your folks probably won’t allow you to take public vehicles. So, you are left with walking, running, or riding a bicycle – not the most exciting options.

Someone’s kid chose to stick little bits of carpet to their bicycle pedals, and we can’t help but think they might be the future Einstein. He can ride his bicycle without his shoes on and still have a good time.