The Most Outrageous Interior Design Fails

By: Riley Brown | Published: May 26, 2022

Designing and decorating a home can be a fun experience as you let your personality shine through your home’s aesthetic. However, some designs should be left on the drawing board.

Perhaps it’s a design flaw that throws logistics out the window or it’s the decor that takes things to the extreme in an outrageous or uncomfortable way. Here are some of the most ridiculous interior design fails that will have you questioning the designer.

Retro Accident In The Making

At first glance, this bathroom looks cool. It’s got the makings of a 1950s hamburger joint. You almost expect someone to skate up asking for your order.


But the longer you look, the more nervous you become. All we can see is a slip and fall waiting to happen. There are not one but two steps to take while wet. The aesthetic is there, the design was clearly thought out, but the logistics went right out the window.

Throne Room

There’s the porcelain throne, then there’s this. When you’re headed to this restroom, don’t plan on using it. This is a place for worshiping the toilet.


The scary thing about this image is that it looks like the items shown are actually being used. There’s even a urinal! Steps that steep can only conjure disaster. Who is climbing up weirdly spaced steps to use the facilities at eye level with the mirror? No thank you.

I See London, I See France

There are rooms that make you scratch your head. Then there are rooms, like this one, that makes you shout, “Why?”


The only imaginable reason for this sink is for comedic relief, right? Does this shape give them a sense of motivation to work out and tone up? Or perhaps he or she gets a good laugh imagining guests having to get uncomfortably close to this naked lower half statue. Whatever the purpose, it is a statement.

Customized For Gumby

Okaythere’s a fine line between trying to be unique and just not being logical. The designer here woke up and chose fun over practicality.


It’s all fun and games until you’re carrying a wide tray through the doorway, or even furniture, for that matter. You don’t need a crystal ball to see spills and falls in the future. Not sure when this design would ever come in handy unless you’re tall, green, and a weirdly shaped character named Gumby.

So Close, Yet So Far Away

This doesn’t look so bad, at first. It might even seem quite inviting with the purple and pink color scheme, the designs on the ceiling, and the beautiful backyard view.

Then you see it, a giant CRT television hovering above a comfy couch. First, how are they getting a solid view from that far away? Second, if they’re going to be that weird, why not just put the couch up there and bring the TV to the floor? So many questions with only a small possibility of getting the answers.


Just Why

Sometimes you see a bizarre design and think, “I get the intent but no thanks.” Other times you see a giant beam in the middle of a walkway and get confused.

Maybe they needed to have a weight-bearing beam, but did they need to have it right there? Shouldn’t that be a problem that is solved much earlier in the process, perhaps before the foundation is laid? Should it be necessary to be the world limbo champion to get to your bedroom? Seems a bit unmanageable.


Couch Covers

Have you ever been to someone’s home where one of the couches is for looks and not for sitting? If there ever was a couch that fit that description, it’s the one that looks like these cabinets.

At first thought, it might seem reasonable if there are little kids or adults prone to balance control issues. If you were to bump into these cabinets during the night, you’d bounce right back. However, it’s likely this was just done for design aesthetic. Who knows, maybe the owner makes videos for YouTube and wants to film where the lighting is good with a posh background.


Is This Fridge Lost?

It’s not often that you become enrage while looking at a photo that has nothing to do with you or will ever intrude upon your existence. This photo is the exception. Why is that fridge just simply in the middle of the room?

This isn’t just a design flaw, this is outright dumb. There are so many things wrong with this that it’s hard to imagine the home passing any sort of reasonable inspection. Te position of this fridge is unjustifiable as far as logistics go. A quick word to all home builders out there: if you can’t make it fit in a way that makes sense, go back to the drawing board. Don’t just build to build.


Like A Stone

Don’t let looks deceive you. There may be toilet paper, but no one uses that toilet.

Surely there’s no one willing to risk harm to their bum in order to say they used this toilet. Or the sink. Notice, there’s no hand towel hanging. More proof that there is no one actually washing their hands here. It makes sense to want to incorporate a cool design into various aspects of a room. However, I think we can all agree that this is a step too far.


Peekaboo Entrance

There are lots of unique ways to plan an entrance. There are even design choices for people who literally never want to miss one.

It seems a tad unsightly to be in the midst of doing your business out in the open when a family member gets home. But imagine showing up at this home for a party or to drop your child off for a playdate. You hear, “Come on in, it’s open!” So, you do. It’s then that you come eye to eye with someone who is a little too open with their private time. Scream or just never show up again? You decide.