Unveiling the Hidden Meanings Behind Strange Dog Behaviors That Have Intrigued You for Years

Last updated: Apr 28, 2023

As the saying goes, dogs are undoubtedly man’s best friend. With their keen instincts, they have an uncanny ability to pick up on their owner’s moods and emotions easily. They know when to offer comfort and when to initiate playtime. But as much as we understand them, do we actually comprehend our furry friends as well as they do us?

If you’ve been left scratching your head over your dog’s unusual behavior, don’t worry. We have the answers to help you make sense of your pup’s strange actions. Get ready to delve deeper into the fascinating world of dog behavior and strengthen your bond with your furry companion even further.

Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

Aside from their sense of smell, it is common knowledge that dogs also have a keen sense of hearing. With around 16 muscles in their ears, dogs can hear sounds even from miles away. That’s why whenever they hear something strange and new, they tend to tilt their heads.


Emerson Peters/Unsplash

The reason behind this behavior is straightforward. Dogs tend to move their heads from side to side, hoping to hear the sound better. They are most likely to do this when they hear something unfamiliar to them because moving their ears can help them hear it more precisely.


Dogs Get Jealous When Their Owners Pet Or Show Affection To Other Dogs (And People)

If you’ve always wondered if dogs get jealous…the answer is yes. Just like humans, dogs can also experience feelings of jealousy towards another dog is getting more attention than they are. The same goes for your significant other; a dog can also exhibit jealousy when you pay more attention to your partner than to them.



Whether your dog sees you petting or giving affection to another dog, or if they smell another dog’s scent on you, they will show or tell you they are jealous. After all, they are loyal to you and only expect the same in return.

Dogs Who Chase Their Tails

Have you ever seen your dog spinning around to catch its own tail? We sometimes find it funny and silly, but what could be the reason behind it? In fact, puppies don’t realize that tails are a part of their bodies until they grow up. 


Maggielovesorbit/ Unsplash

While dogs seem to continue doing it because of the positive reactions, too much can be harmful. In fact, frequent tail chasing and chewing are sometimes linked to signs of bad health. You might want to drive over to the vet for a quick check-up to be sure. However, in most cases, dogs chase their tails just to make their owners happy.

Their Love for Car Windows

Whenever we take our dogs on a ride, they love sticking their heads out the car window. It seems that they’re very curious to see the surroundings and want to feel the wind on their faces. However, this behavior is still quite a mystery to researchers. 


Emerson Peters/Unsplash

Unlike humans, dogs’ primary sense is smell. As a matter of fact, dogs have almost 300 million olfactory receptors throughout their noses. They like to look outside and feel the wind since it is their primary way of perceiving the world.

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When A Dog Is Curled Up In A Corner...

Dogs may curl up in a ball in a corner for several reasons. One common reason is that it is a natural instinct for dogs to seek out small, enclosed spaces as it provides them with a sense of security and comfort. Another reason is that dogs may curl up in a ball in a corner to conserve heat, helping them stay warm in colder temperatures.

RPN/ Pixabay

Additionally, dogs may curl up in a ball in a corner if they are anxious or stressed. In these situations, dogs may seek out a quiet and secluded space where they can feel safe and calm. It is important to note that while dogs curling up in a ball in a corner is generally normal behavior if you notice any other unusual behavior or changes in your dog’s behavior, it is important to consult with a veterinarian to rule out any underlying health issues.


Why Dogs Lean on Your Toes

While most dog owners find this habit endearing, it can get a little annoying when you’re about to stand up. When they plop themselves down on your toes, they often also get their fur all over your shoes. It’s a little annoying, but who could stay mad at an adorable pup? 

Charles/ Unsplash

Why do they do this? Dogs sometimes get clingy and want to get close to their owners. Since dogs are also protective in nature, they wanted to keep track of their owner’s mood by staying beside them. Basically, your dog does this to stay alert in case something happens to you. How sweet.


Why Does Your Dog Put Their Paw On You?

If you found yourself being slapped by another human you’d probably take some serious offense to it. Being slapped by someone is usually a pretty clear indication that a person is upset with you. Your dog slapping you or simply putting their paw on you however isn’t necessarily a sign that they are upset with you. In fact, it can be a sign of affection, an attempt to get your attention, or they’re just petting you back!

Goran H/ Pixabay

Sometimes a dog may even slap another pooch. A dog slapping another dog is showing that it trusts the other furry friend. It’s almost like the way we as humans reach out and pat each other on the back.


Why Is Chocolate Bad For Dogs?

For us, one way of showing our love and care for each other is by giving sweets or chocolates. As much as we want to express our love for our furry friends, chocolate is not a great idea to provide them with, even if they show you how badly they want it.

Artem Beliakin/ Unsplash

Chocolates contain a chemical compound called theobromine. Humans don’t have any problem digesting theobromine, but it is the complete opposite for dogs. Even in small amounts, although not fatal, chocolate can still cause stomach problems.


A Dog Pressing Its Ahead Against A Wall...Why?

It’s just common knowledge that dogs do all sorts of strange things, and most of the time we have no clue why. So, when your furry companion is pressing its head against a wall, there’s actually a reason.

Weyland Bettina/ Pixabay

Take note that when you see your dog doing this odd behavior, it could be a sign that they are bothered by something. It would be a good idea to take them to the vet because pressing their head against hard surfaces could also mean that there’s an issue going on inside their bodies.


Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

We often assume that dogs wag their tails because they are happy and excited. However, that isn’t always the case. The primary purpose of their tails is to help them balance as they run around. However, tail wagging among dogs is often associated with happiness. 

Matthew Henry/ Unsplash

While it is true that seeing a dog wag its tail back and worth is a sign that it is happy or in a good mood, it can also mean other things, depending on the direction. When a dog wags its tail horizontal to the ground, it means it is curious about someone or something.


Are Dogs Hunting for Treasure? 

This habit of digging is common among all dogs. We sometimes tend to feel confused as to why they do this. Do they smell a treasure under the earth, or are they trying to hide something? Actually, your pet’s digging habits could mean two things. 

Stefan Glazer/ Pixabay

The first is probably because your dog’s previous generations were trained to hunt and dig around strategic locations. And the second reason is that dogs have a natural nesting or denning tendency. When they dig in the ground, it means that they are trying to make themselves a place where they can cool off or stay warm.


Why Do Dogs Sniff Your Hands First When They Greet You?

Have you ever questioned why you instinctively offer your hand to a new dog for a sniff? Well, this is because dogs rely heavily on their sense of smell to build social connections. By sniffing you, a dog can quickly decide whether or not they want to befriend you. This behavior is completely natural and crucial to their social interactions.

Justin Veenema/ Unsplash

Since dogs are primarily guided by their senses, it is no surprise that this behavior is automatic. Moreover, dogs can gather a wealth of information about you based on the scent of your hand.


Why Does Your Dog Stare At You While Pooping?

Dogs are social animals that have evolved to be highly attuned to their environment and their pack members. When a dog is in the act of defecating, they are in a vulnerable position and may feel the need to keep an eye out for potential predators or threats. In addition, they may be looking to their human companion for reassurance or guidance, as dogs often look to their owners as their pack leaders.

Jf Brou/ Unsplash

Dogs also use body language to communicate with their owners and other dogs. Eye contact is one way they communicate, and it is possible that a dog may stare at their owner while defecating as a way of seeking attention or establishing a bond. It is also possible that the dog is simply observing their surroundings, as dogs are curious animals that enjoy exploring their environment. Ultimately, the exact reason why dogs stare at their owners while defecating may vary from dog to dog, and it is likely a combination of these factors.


Do Dogs Have a Sixth Sense? 

Most dog owners have probably noticed this behavior – the dog starts acting up by either barking out of the blue or finding a place to hide. This usually means that a storm is coming. But how do they know this? Do they have a sensor that allows them to predict the weather?

Renato Laky/ Pixabay

While scientists are still unaware of the mechanism, many dog owners are convinced that their pups have a magical sixth sense. Realistically speaking, it is more likely because of their sharp sense of hearing, making it possible for them to hear the storm before we do.


Sleeping Beside Their Owners

Another adorable thing that our furry friends do is to lay down next to us. Especially after they eat, they love to get closer to you in an attempt to get cuddles and comfort. While some may see it as seeking attention, this behavior is about more than that.

Wdietz/ Pixabay

As dogs evolved from wolves, their way of showing affection and intimacy with their fellow pack members was to always do things together. So, if your dogs love to eat and sleep next to you, it means that they see you as family.


Put One Paw Up And "Points" - What Could It Mean?

You are out for one of your daily walks when, all of a sudden, your dog “points” and freezes his body, only having one paw up. You’re standing there wondering what it could mean or what your dog is trying to convey.

Glittermist/ Pixabay

Apparently, when a dog does this behavior, it signifies that they are trying to alert you to something, telling you where to avert your attention. It could also mean they are preparing themselves before chasing a cat or other animal.


Always Sticking Their Tongues Out

Whenever it gets hot in the summer, our body tends to sweat. But for dogs, the only way to relieve the heat and cool off is through panting. Dogs do sweat through their paws, but that type of swear won’t cool them down.

Matthew Henry/ Unsplash

When a dog pants, the hot air is replaced by cool air as it breathes. This, in turn, helps regulate their temperature back to normal. Furthermore, as they pant, you might also notice that they tend to roll their tongues to one side since this helps cool them down further.


Are Dogs Colorblind?

Most of us assume that dogs’ sense of sight is excellent. However, we’ve also all heard that dogs only see in black and white. While it’s true that dogs can’t see all the colors that we do, it turns out that their world isn’t entirely monochrome. 

Ellie Lord/ Unsplash

Based on recent studies, dogs can actually see some colors other than black and white. It’s just that they can’t distinguish the difference between red and green. They can, on the other hand, tell the difference between blue and yellow.

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Why Do Dogs Copy Their Owners?

As we all know, dogs want to be as close with their owners as possible, no matter what. They even go as far as following their owners everywhere and copying whatever they do. When their owners sleep, they will snuggle up beside them and sleep as well. 

Marcus Cramer/ Unsplash

More often than not, dogs are not actually trying to copy their humans. They like to sleep next to you because they see you as a special part of their pack. They value you as their companion, so being as close to you as possible is their unique way of showing their love.


Muzzle Grabbing Happens For A Few Reasons

Dogs may grab other dogs’ muzzles for a variety of reasons. One common reason is that it is a form of play behavior. Grabbing another dog’s muzzle means that they are initiating or showing excitement. However, it’s important to note that this behavior can escalate quickly and may lead to a more aggressive interaction if the other dog doesn’t enjoy the play or feels threatened.

JacLou DL/ Pixabay

Another reason why a dog may grab another dog’s muzzle is to assert dominance. It can also signify a form of affection or craving for attention from the other dog.


Why Do Dogs Howl?

When a dog howls, it can actually be for several reasons. In some cases, dogs howl to make others aware of their presence. Dogs also sometimes howl when they hear high-pitched noises such as from vehicle sirens and even musical instruments.

Jamie Street/ Unsplash

Dog breeds such as Alaskan Malamutes, Beagles, Coonhounds, Dachshunds, and American Eskimo Dogs are just some that are known to howl and wail more than others. If you want to own a dog but would like it to be relatively quiet, these breeds might not be for you.


Dogs Just Love Chewing

Chewing for dogs is something that they just can’t help but do. Dogs, even puppies, love to just bite and chew everything they see, as this is their way of exploring their surroundings. While some dogs are troublemakers that love to chew on their owner’s shoes, it is generally just a dog’s way of relieving boredom.

ipet photo/Unsplash

For puppies, chewing helps in relieving teething pain as they grow their teeth. As for older dogs, chewing is their way of taking care of their oral health. Chewing is said to help not only clean their teeth but also to make their jaws stronger.


Can Dogs See Better at Night?

Dogs might not have the capacity to see all the colors of the rainbow. However, their eyesight as compared to humans is definitely better at night. How? This is because their eyes have a special membrane that predatory animals usually have. 

Artem Sapegin/ Unsplash

That membrane is called tapetum lucidum. It acts like night vision goggles that help dogs see better in the dark. This is because of the reflective surface that it creates, which increases the light that hits the eye receptors of dogs. In this way, dogs can see things from a distance, even at night.


Should You Dress Dogs in Clothes?

Dressing your dog in adorable outfits can really be enjoyable. As much as we can’t resist their cuteness, dogs actually don’t need clothing. Most dog breeds can adapt easily to cold weather conditions and even sub-zero temperatures without anything to cover them up. 

Klaus Hausmann/ Unsplash

How is that possible? Dog breeds such as Huskies have their bodies covered with two layers of fur. The first layer is the long and silky coat we see, and the second is the thick layer of short hair covering their body. That second layer of fur acts as a coat to keep them warm.


Going on Walks Is a Must!

When it comes to communicating with our furry friends, words matter. Some words can cause confusion or even distress. For example, “walk” and “vet” are two words that require extra care and attention.

Stocksnap/ Pixabay

Have you ever wondered why dogs get so excited about going on walks? Even if they’ve been on the same route countless times before, they always seem to be filled with the same level of enthusiasm. The reason for this is that walking allows dogs to engage with their environment, explore new scents, and relieve stress. Plus, it’s a fantastic way for you and your furry friend to strengthen your bond. So next time your pup begs you for a walk, remember that it’s not just for exercise – it’s an essential part of their mental and emotional well-being.

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Their Favorite Game of Fetch

Apart from going on walks in the park, dogs also love playing fetch. Indeed, they adore the game so much that they can play it forever without even wanting to quit. Why does having to chase something and bring it back over and over again make them happy?

Miss.nala.fox.red.lab/ Instagram

Given that dogs were originally trained to hunt and guard humans, they instinctively have a knack for chasing and fetching because of their genetic makeup. It is believed that dogs who enjoyed retrieving objects were the ones who were selected for breeding. Labradors and golden retrievers are just some of the breeds that specialize in the game of fetch.


Can Dogs Read Our Emotions?

With their ability to sense human emotions, some may think that dogs have telepathy. In reality, research shows that dogs can read our expressions to find out how we feel. This allows them to react based on their understanding of emotions. 

Helena Lopes/ Unsplash

Biology Letters published a study wherein they showed pictures to dogs of people displaying different emotions. They then played the dogs audio recordings of various people talking. The researchers found that dogs react immediately to angry audio and match their gaze to the photo of an angry person. 


Can Dogs Always Find Their Way Home?

We’ve all probably heard our fair share of stories about how dogs were able to find their way back home, regardless of being far away. It seems that dogs, just like humans, tend to recognize and remember directions. But how exactly is that possible? 

Anusha Barwa/ Unsplash

Again, it’s because of their sharp sense of smell. They use their noses to keep track of their surroundings and even their own scent. That’s why in times when they get lost, they’ll just use their noses to find the smells that will guide them in the right direction. Perhaps this is another reason why they love hanging their heads out the windows of cars! 


Should You Send Your Dogs to School?

Some say that putting dogs through training might cause unnecessary stress and trauma for our furry friends. That’s why most dog owners prefer to just let their dogs stay at home where they can train them with basic tricks. However, when done right, training can actually be beneficial, not just for dogs but also for their owners. 

Andrew Neel/ Unsplash

Dog training can make dogs happier. When they are trained correctly, it allows them to make better sense of their surroundings and be aware of what’s okay to do and what’s not okay. Plus, if your dogs are properly trained, you can easily communicate with them in a way they understand. 


Do Dogs Dream?

Dogs, especially puppies, spend much of their time sleeping. Having to be a cute bundle of joy and play all day can be tiring, right? For them to restore their energy for the next day of fun, sleeping is definitely a must. But have you ever wondered if dogs have dreams? 

Victor Grabarczyk /Unsplash

Honestly, we’re not entirely sure since we can’t exactly ask them. However, according to researchers, dogs’ sleep cycles and brain activity while they sleep are very much like what we see in humans. So, if you’ve noticed that your dog whines, barks, or twitches its legs while asleep, then you can assume it is having a puppy dream.


Doggie Language

Although dogs can’t speak, they can understand some of what you say. In 2009, Dr. Stanley Coren presented a study at the American Psychological Association’s 117th Annual Convention, showing a dog’s intelligence. He found that the average dog’s intellectual capacity is the same as a two-year-old child.

Justin Veenema/Unsplash

Of course, they can’t solve math problems, recite the alphabet, and such. However, what they can do is pick up about 160 words. Indeed, some dogs can even understand up to 250 words. Wow! This is something that was believed to only be possible for humans and apes.

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The Reason Behind a Dog's Yawn

Dogs are so adorable when they yawn. For us, yawning would mean that we’re tired or sleepy. But did you know that yawning can mean different things for dogs? There are times when it’s just an inevitable habit that they do, while sometimes it can also mean that they’re trying to tell you something. 

Janek Holoubek/ Unsplash

In some situations, when they feel exhausted, dogs yawn to imply that they’ve had enough or want to take a break. However, there are also times when they yawn to show their excitement. This is why you may see this behavior when you signal that it’s time for a walk.

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Are Dogs Trouble Makers?

Being a pet owner sure requires a lot of patience. Imagine going home tired after work only to be welcomed by a huge mess made by your dog? We know that it can immediately put you in a bad mood, but unfortunately, you don’t have any choice but to clean it up yourself. 

Alvan Nee/ Unsplash

Why do they do this? Self-proclaimed dog experts say that dogs make a mess to release anger either because they haven’t gone out for walks or they’re just bored for no apparent reason. What do you think?


How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have?

Before our permanent teeth start to show up, we only have about 20 milk teeth that fall out as we grow. As a sign of a healthy mouth, adults usually have 32 teeth. But did you know that dogs also undergo the same changes?

Heiko Giesberg/ Unsplash

Adult dogs usually have 20 teeth on their top jaw and 22 on the bottom, which makes it 42 in total. However, just like children, puppies only have 28 milk teeth in total. These milk teeth will eventually fall out. So, if you see some loose teeth in your puppy’s chew toy, don’t fret because it’s normal.


Do Dogs Really Not Like Cats?

We’ve all probably heard the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” as a way to describe two people who argue like mortal enemies. But do dogs really hate cats? What could be the reason behind their desire to chase cats?

Public Domain/ Imgur

In fact, dogs actually don’t hate cats. However, some dog breeds have strong hunting instincts. Such dogs may confuse cats for prey animals like rabbits and foxes. For other dogs, chasing cats is just their playful attempt to befriend them. 


Going Around in Circles

When we go around in circles, it usually means that we are stressed because we’re not achieving anything that we want to do. For dogs, this behavior is totally normal. They usually go around once or twice before flopping down on their beds or the floor. 

Jessica Johnston/ Unsplash

Again, the reason behind this behavior is instinct. Their past generations lived in the forest with tall grass, bristles, and thorny plants. They found that when they went around the area repeatedly, it allowed the plants to flatten and thus make the space a little more comfortable.


Loving Gaze

Aside from dogs being able to sense our moods and feelings, we can also quickly tell how they feel for us based on how they look at us. When dogs hold their gaze intently, some people find it creepy. However, it is actually a sign that they love and appreciate us.

Joséphine Menge/ Unsplash

So, the next time you see your dog staring at you without blinking, don’t be freaked out. Although it’s a little creepy, that’s just their own little way of showing their affection and genuine appreciation for their owners.


How Do Dogs Relax?

Just like us, dogs also undergo sudden mood changes. There might be instances when they just want to chill and don’t want to be bothered at all, and there are also times when they are playful and energetic.

Howie R/ Unsplash

One way of knowing their moods is by studying their body language. When a dog is casually sitting with its tail relaxed and ears popping up high, it usually means that it’s just sitting and feeling comfortable in its environment. When you see your dogs like this, it is the perfect moment to pet and snuggle with them. 

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Why Are Dogs So Curious?

Dogs are naturally curious about the world around them, much like toddlers. They’re eager to venture out and discover new sights, sounds, and smells, which makes them inherently adventurous and full of excitement. If dogs could talk, they would probably have a never-ending list of questions about what interests them.

Public Domain Imgur

So the next time you see your furry companion standing outside, ears perked and tail at attention, get ready for an adventure. These signals indicate that your dog’s investigative mode is activated and ready to go. Get ready to explore the world alongside your furry friend and discover all the wonders that await you both.


Ears Can Tell

You can actually tell a dog’s personality just through the shape of its ears. Familiarizing yourself with the different meanings behind their ears can help you further understand their moods and emotions. 

Karolina Wv/ Unsplash

In some instances, you may find it strange that a dog’s ear is facing forward. However, this only means that their eyes and their ears are looking at what’s in front of them. It can be a sign that they’re very much interested in what they are seeing. 


Why Do Dogs Like to Get Dirty After a Bath?

It can be a lot of work to get your dogs to take a bath. Lucky are those dog owners who have furry friends that are fond of taking baths. Though it can be tough getting them in the bath, the real struggle is what comes after. 

Freestocks/ Unsplash

Why do dogs get such weird post-bathtime energy? While it is funny to see them running around like a headless chicken, it’s not because they’re having the time of their lives. It is more about how they release the stress and feel relieved that bathtime is finally done. 


Why Do They Smell Each Other's Butts?

The good old butt sniff. We’ve all seen dogs do this to each other, especially when they’ve just met. Most of us find it weird and a little funny. Why do you just have to smell the butt, doggo? Funnily enough, the reason behind it is something you’ll never expect.

Image by Manthan Gajjar/Unsplash

Dogs actually sniff each other’s butts as a way of saying that they’re glad to meet them. Moreover, when a dog butt-sniffs, it learns a lot about the other dog’s identity, gender, and even mood. Isn’t that amazing?


Bed Sharing

Most dog owners can probably relate to this one. After a long, tiring day, all we want to do is lay down on our beds and take a good night’s rest, right? But then you notice your dog sleeping peacefully on the best side of the bed. So, who’s the boss now?

Daniel Lincoln/ Unsplash

While it can actually look as if they’re trying to assert dominance, it only means that they want to sleep next to you. They were able to smell your scent on the bed. That’s probably why they chose to snuggle up in your favorite spot.


Home Sweet Home!

It can be challenging for us to leave our dogs while we go out for work, but the way they welcome us home totally makes up for it. Dogs have the habit of going crazy once they hear our footsteps outside the house, and who are we to complain, right?

Robert Gramner/ Unsplash

Seeing their uncontrollable excitement instantly eases our exhaustion and brings a smile to our face. This is one of the many ways dogs show their love and adoration for their owners. How sweet!

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It's the Thought That Counts

Just because dogs can’t buy a gift doesn’t mean that they won’t try. Known for being very loving and loyal, dogs want to repay their owners for taking care of them. One way of showing appreciation that they can think of is through giving presents. 

Rosieriveter84/ Instagram

While, of course, dogs are enthusiastic about their gifts, you may or may not like them. It can be super random, like a dead animal or even a chewed slipper. You might find some of their gifts a bit gross, but we guess it’s the thought that counts, right?


Always Got Your Back

We can’t help but find these dogs super adorable. It’s like they are peacefully sleeping without a care in the world while also being on guard to protect each other at the same time. This photo shows how great the bond between these two giant babies is. 

Ryan Walton/ Unsplash

Do you know the reason why dogs like sleeping back to back? When dogs sleep beside each other or even with their owners, this move means that they completely trust you. They’re confident that you’ll never harm them and that you’ve always got their back. 


Sleeping Ball of Cuteness

Whenever our dogs do something, no matter what it is, all we can think about is how cute they are. This is amplified when we see them all curled up like tiny fluffy shrimp. While we may find it endearing, this move is often done because they are uncomfortable. 

Charles/ Unsplash

Although some dog breeds are bred for cold weather, many are not. These breeds tend to get cold quickly. To keep themselves warm, they usually sleep all curled up like a ball. So, instead of squealing because of cuteness, it’s better to wrap a blanket around them.


Look, Mom, I'm a Rug!

After all the playing, chasing, and running around, dogs also get tired. But did you know that another key to understanding them is to look at how they sleep? Apart from their ears, you can also tell a dog’s mood through its sleeping position.

Jamie Street/ Unsplash

When you look up the different sleeping positions of dogs, you’ll be amazed that they actually all have meanings. It also tells a lot about their personality and feelings. If you see your dog laying down like a rug, it means that they’re exhausted from being playful and energetic all day. 


The Side Sleeper

Another common sleeping position dogs take is on their side. If ever you see your dog sleeping like that, you probably assume that they’re just taking a nap. However, that isn’t the case for this one. 

Chelle Chevelle/ Medium

According to some studies, side sleepers also tend to be trusting and loyal. A dog sleeping on its side means that it is feeling comfortable, relaxed, and safe. They are happy with both the sleeping position and the environment around them. 


Dogs Can Be Protective

These fluffy balls of sunshine can sometimes turn pretty aggressive, especially when they feel a sense of danger. Although they are very lovable and affectionate, that isn’t always the case if their owner is in danger or if there’s something that they don’t like.

Daniel Lincoln/ Unsplash

If you see your dog with bared teeth and ears pointed back, it is most likely that your furry friend is on the attack. This is something dog owners should always notice to ensure their dogs do not cause harm to others.

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Happy and Playful

We all love it when a dog’s mood is playful and energetic. Their happiness automatically radiates within us, causing us to also feel happier and more playful (unless it’s early in the morning and all we want to do is get more sleep). For some reason, these fluffy bundles of joy just can’t stop nibbling our ears to wake us up in the morning.

Robert Gramner/ Unsplash

We have to get up and get ready since they don’t show any signs of stopping. This is especially true if their barks start to get louder. At that point, you’d better prepare yourself for another tiring yet enjoyable day with your furry friends.


Tucking Their Tail Between Their Legs

We usually assume that when a dog’s tail is high up, it means that it’s happy – all the more if they are wagging their tails. But what does it mean when their tail is tucked between their legs? This behavior is actually the opposite. 

Rosieriveter84/ Instagram

Dogs place their tail between their legs to block their scent. It was mentioned earlier how dogs greet each other through butt-sniffing. So, why do some dogs do this? It means that your dog probably wants to be left alone, so it’s trying to prevent other dogs from sensing its presence.


Do Dogs Hide Their Poop?

Some dog owners have probably noticed how after a dog goes to relieve itself, they kick dirt over it. What could be the reason behind that odd behavior? Some may assume that since they can’t clean up after themselves, they just try to cover it all up. 

Ryan Walton/ Unsplash

As a matter of fact, covering it with dirt is their way of marking their territory. They use the scent that comes from their paws to leave a signature on their poop. Like an artist signing their work, this ensures other dogs know exactly who was responsible for this creation.


Which Are the Best Looking Dogs?

For us, our dogs are, of course, the cutest of them all. But have you ever wondered how dog show judges decide on the winners? What are the criteria that they look at to know who the most beautiful doggo is? While we don’t really care much about the finer details of their features, some dog breeders really take it seriously. 

Charles/ Unsplash

In dog shows, each dog contestant has to have the specific proportions set by the professionals based on their breed. All dog breeders must ensure that their dogs fit those criteria, including their color, size, and even their ear length and skull width.


What Your Dog's Urinating Patterns Reveals

Dog behavior usually always changes for a certain reason. For those that are potty-trained and begin peeing inside your home, then something’s up! If they were always good before, then a change has occurred.

Source: Pixabay

If your dog relieves himself frequently (even in the correct spot or location), there still may be something more going on that needs medical attention. It could mean that your dog has a urinary tract, bladder, or kidney infection. In older dogs, it could even be an early sign of dementia.


Tricks to Get Treats

Although no one would suspect it, dogs actually know how to pull pranks. With an understanding of cause and effect, dogs sometimes pull tricks on their owner to get what they want. 

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One example is that dogs may try to make their owner think they haven’t eaten yet to get more food on their plate. They might also use their puppy dog eye trick to please their owners. Another example is that dogs can act innocently and blame someone or something else when they know they did something wrong. All in all, dogs can be pretty intelligent and understand ways to be manipulative.


Why Do Dogs Try To Tackle You?

Getting tackled the second you walk through the door after a long day at work isn’t always the most pleasant experience, however, getting tackled by your dog is actually a sign of affection! Sometimes you may unintentionally get a scratch or dirt spot on your outfit, but just know this isn’t them trying to upset you. It’s actually the complete opposite.

The act of jumping on their human is equivalent to a human jumping for joy. Your dog just wants to express that they have missed you and they are happy about your return.


Why Do Dogs Scan People?

Admit it, it has happened to us at one point or another. We walk into a dog owner’s home and are met with a furry snout.  We’ve all seen how dogs welcome other dogs by smelling their behinds, so in their mind why should welcoming a person be any different?


Dogs tend to jump right into the “up-close and personal” form of a greeting whether we like it or not.  Try to remind  yourself the next time this happens that the curious pup is just trying to get an understanding for you and this is their way to do it. They’re not trying to be rude, they’re simply trying to figure you out.


Why Do I Smell Corn Chips?

Have you ever gotten a whiff of your pup’s ears or paws and wondered how on earth they smell so eerily similar to corn chips? If you have ever thought this let us reassure you, you are not alone and there is an actual reason as to why this can happen. 


In short your dog may be experiencing a yeast infection. An under-active immune system can lead to yeast overgrowth and the yeast can present itself in your dog’s ears or in their paw pads. The immune system is unable to manage yeast blooms resulting in that all too familiar corn chip smell. If this is happening to your dog you may want to take a trip to the vet to get them some antibiotics.


Why Does Your Dog Flick Their Ears?

If you see a dog flicking or turning its ears, it means that they are trying to listen to something. This is actually true for almost all species of animals. When a dog is met with an unfamiliar sound, they will flick their ears, in hopes of figuring out what the sound is and where it is coming from.

Dog Time

So, if you ever catch your dog flicking its ears, give them an extra second to listen to the new mysterious sounds. We won’t lie — it’s also pretty adorable to watch.


Why Does Your Dog Wrinkle Their Muzzle?

It’s unfortunate but not all dog behaviors mean that they are happy and want to be friendly or approached. If you see your dog or come across a dog wrinkling their muzzle you are more than likely witnessing an act of aggression.

Mean little dog

If the dog continues and goes a step further to show their teeth and even snarl/ growl, you should take that as an immediate warning to stop whatever is happening to get them worked up. If you are able to do so safely you should also try to remove yourself or the dog from the situation.


Why Your Dog Has Bad Breath

While dogs aren’t commonly known to have a fresh, minty breath scent, there are signs to be aware of that may signal a problem. It might be time to take your dog to the veterinarian, especially if your dog’s breath smells sweet. This signals that your dog may have diabetes, which may be the case if they are drinking and urinating more than usual.

Source: Yoav Hornung / Unsplash

What causes bad breath or halitosis? Well, there may be issues with your dog’s liver, kidneys, or gastrointestinal tract. Make sure to keep an eye on any of these changes.


Why Do Dogs Chew On Furniture?

Do you find your dog constantly chewing on your furniture? Sometimes this can be chalked up to a puppy teething for relief, but if the behavior continues into adulthood it could mean something more. This type of behavior outside of being a puppy could mean your dog is not getting enough exercise. 

I Stock

Helping your dog become more active should become a priority. Your first step should be trying to take your dog for a walk. It might not be an immediate solution to the chewing problem, but will be (no pun intended) a step in the right direction. 


Yawning Can Sometimes Mean Your Dog Is Uncomfortable

While yawning for a dog typically means they are tired and may be in need of a nap it can also mean something else. If in a new situation you notice your dog continually yawning it may be their way of saying it’s time to head out and go on home. 


Your dog may be yawning excessively because they are anxious or uncomfortable. The next time you are in a new setting with your pup and they are unfamiliar with their new surroundings just be extra vigilant and look for signs they may want to leave.

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Why Is Your Dog Pacing?

Dogs pace for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes it may be because they are bored, nervous, or excited. Dogs tend to pace, just like humans do. If your dog is pacing around you in circles, that usually means that they are in the mood to play and want to know if you are interested.

When two anxious or excited dogs meet, it is typical that they will run after each other. That doesn’t necessarily mean that one of them is running away in fear, that’s just how they play.


Why Does A Dog Place All Their Weight On You?

Have you ever noticed when you are sitting at a desk working from home or maybe just lounging around in your favorite chair that your dog will sometimes come and put all of their weight on you? Get ready for your heart to melt…

This is your dog’s way of hugging you. This is your dog’s way of letting you know they want to connect with you physically and the act of hugging is an act they can closely imitate.


Can A Dog Tell When a Woman Is Pregnant?

In short the answer is yes! After reading along with this article we are sure you can see a lot of a dog’s behavior leads directly back to their sense of smell.

American Kennel Club

When a woman is pregnant, the hormones in their body are going to alter and this is what the dog is able to pick up on. A lot of the time dog’s are able to pick up on their owner’s pregnancy even before they do.


Why Do Dogs Wipe Their Feet After Going To The Bathroom?

If you are a dog owner or have ever been to a dog park we can guarantee you’ve seen this little wipe of the paws we are talking about. Dogs actually do this as a way to mark their territory.


In the pads on a dog’s paws there are actually scent glands that produce pheromones specific to that dog. By wiping their paws in the grass or dirt after doing their business a dog is leaving their scent behind for other dog’s to pick up on it.


The Puppy Eye Trick

Who can say “no” when a dog stares at you with those puppy eyes? Dogs certainly know what to do when they’ve done something wrong. Some dogs may play innocent when they get caught, while others run and hide to avoid being scolded.

JacLou DL/ Pixabay

The puppy dog eye trick is every dog’s way of apologizing when they know they’ve done something wrong. Who are we to not forgive them, right? How can we even resist such cuteness? At the end of the day, what matters is that they apologized, right?


The Amazing History of Dogs

For hundreds and even thousands of years now, dogs have been providing humans with companionship. Dogs were trained to protect and help people in their communities. Thus, over time, dogs have been the subject of many artworks, just like this one. 

Chelle Chevelle/ Medium

Dogs have been such a significant part of human society that our ancestors painted caves and even made songs to show their adoration for their pets. Even George Lucas designed the Ewoks from Return of the Jedi after getting inspiration from his family dog.


Why Do Dogs Hate Thunderstorms?

This one may come as a surprise to some dog owners. Did you know the reason dogs truly fear thunderstorms is because the static electricity they feel in conjunction with the storm makes them physically uncomfortable.

Don’t get us wrong, the loud sounds that accompany thunder during a storm also play into a dog’s fear of thunderstorms, but the feel of static in their fur is the main contender. It makes your pup feel tingly and uncomfortable and they often hide because they are unsure how to fix what they are feeling.

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Why Does Your Dog Sniff The Air? 

When a dog is sniffing the air, it’s most likely because they sense danger or they are trying to track something they feel may be a potential threat. When a dog is doing this, they usually remain completely still and this is so they can not be detected.

Purely Pets

So the next time you are on a walk with your dog and you find yourself getting annoyed they want to freeze and sniff the air, give your fur baby the benefit of the doubt. They are more than likely doing what they think is best to protect you from possible danger. 


Are All Dogs Noses Different?

Not many people realize their dog’s nose is the equivalent to a human fingerprint. No two dog’s nose prints are identical, just as no two people’s fingerprints are the same. Dogs frequently use this identification technique to identify the shady characters among them.

Cranton Animal Hospital

A dog’s nose is a unique identifier, specific to them. This is also why dogs tend to recognize their friends from foes with just the touch of a  nose. It is similar to picking up on a human’s voice pattern or behaviors.

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