Surprising Mormon Beliefs You Didn’t Know Were Real

By: Carissa | Last updated: Oct 22, 2023

Those who practice the Mormon faith are expected to follow a collection of specific rules to abide by.

The unique culture comes with a distinct set of beliefs that can be admittedly difficult for others to comprehend. These guidelines may be meant to lead Mormons on a path to a better life, but some of these rules seem almost too outlandish to be real.

No Caffeine by Any Means

For many people, a morning cup of coffee is essential to start their day. Mormons, however, are prohibited from consuming caffeine. Mormons devoutly follow a religious guide called Words of Wisdom, which details ways for them to achieve healthy habits.


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Followers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are not supposed to have coffee or any other caffeinated beverages. Mormons believe that not drinking caffeine is something that God would want, so they go without energy drinks, espresso and anything with an ounce of caffeine in it.


Drinking Alcohol Is Not Allowed

Not only is caffeine out of the question, but alcohol is definitely on the “do not consume” list for Mormons. With coffee and alcohol off the table, it leaves little room for recreational libations, but devout Mormons believe these rules are important to their spiritual journey.


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Based on the Words of Wisdom, Mormons believe that alcohol can have a negative impact on them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The goal of Mormons is to have a clear mind, and alcohol would inhibit them from making good choices. By choosing to honor their bodies, they are also also honoring God.

Temple Garments Are Required to Be Worn

Traditional Mormon temple undergarments are to be worn by adult members of the Mormon Church at all times. For both men and women, temple garments consist of two pieces of plain white attire meant to be worn under clothing.


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While there’s nothing particularly magic or holy about temple garments, they are intended to serve as a “constant reminder” of the covenants Mormons made in the temple while also being a symbol of modesty.

Say Goodbye to Gambling

Mormon teachings have strict rules against gambling of any kind. That includes more than just playing the slot machine in Vegas. Mormons aren’t allowed to participate in lotteries and they are even encouraged to oppose the legalization of these government activities. Mormons believe that gambling goes against their moral code.


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The church teaches self-reliance and integrity – two things that they believe aren’t achievable when gambling is involved. Mormons view gambling as addictive and can lead to other issues such as financial strain. When it comes to gambling, mormons must simply say “no.”

Smoking Isn’t Happening, Either

Mormons believe that their body is a temple, and they strive to keep their temples clean and pure at all costs.

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Given this teaching, Mormons are also not allowed to inhale any hazardous chemicals – which means smoking is one bad habit they’ll never have to worry about. The Word of Wisdom outlines a principal health code for healthy living, and even smokable plants are not permitted by followers of the Church of the Latter-day Saints.


Mormons Are Required to Participate in a Missionary Program

Followers of the Mormon faith are supposed to embark on a mandatory full-time mission that serves as a rite of passage into adulthood.

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The expectation is that men between the ages of 19 to 26 will dedicate two years to missionary service, while women who are 21 and older will carry out an 18-month mission. These missions are important to the Mormon faith, and many young followers begin saving for their future trip from childhood.


They Once Preached Plural Marriage

Mormons were once big believers of plural marriage, and they often promoted a life of pologamy. Often viewed as one of the more controversial Mormon doctrines, polygamy in Mormon teachings can be traced back to the Old Testament in 1831.

Source: Monsters and Critics

Prophet Joseph Smith spoke highly of having multiple wives, and encouraged his male followers to adopt a similar lifestyle. While Mormons have historically denied the plural marriage doctrine, they finally admitted its existence in 1852. The topic of polygamy is a tricky one, as society only recognizes relationships between two consenting parties.