Australian Golf Course Becomes Infested with Sharks

By: Travis Ward | Published: Nov 05, 2023

While some may find golf a relaxing pastime, for others, it’s a slow and tedious affair that’s not worth the time or expense. But imagine if the only thing standing between you and a hole-in-one was a pack of hungry sharks swimming in the water hazards! 

That’s exactly what golfers face at Carbrook Golf Course in Australia—making it probably the most thrilling (and terrifying) golf course in the world. So grab your clubs, and let’s swing through this one-of-a-kind golf experience.

Deadly Creature in the Lake

The Carbrook Golf Club in Queensland has a beautiful lake, but no one dares approach it due to the 12 or so bull sharks that now reside there.


Source: R/Natureismetal/Reddit

Some of these creatures can be as long as 13 feet and weigh around 700 lbs. So, golfers should probably avoid looking for their ball if it plops into the water during a game.


Aren't They Supposed To Be in the Ocean?

In movies, we see sharks swim in the depths of the oceans. This makes us wonder why these sharks live and survive in this lake. Well, that’s the amazing thing about bull sharks; they can live in freshwater too.


Source: Kesskas/Reddit

If you think these sharks will die out, you’re wrong. The sharks are living their best life, reproducing and not going anywhere anytime soon.

Where Did They Come From?

The addition of sharks to this golf course is relatively recent. In 1996, a severe flood hit the area, and it’s believed that some of these impressive creatures were swept in and unable to return to the ocean.


Source: Posufa/Reddit

Over time, the sharks have adapted to their new environment and thrived in the lake. As a result, they have multiplied; today, this picturesque setting has become their permanent residence.

Calm and Gentle Beasts

While the thought of a shark is enough to scare people away, the bull sharks at Carbrook Golf Course are not a huge threat. However, golfers must maintain a safe distance from the lake. 


Source: LocoDiablos/Reddit

A local said in an interview, “It’s alright if you don’t get too close.” So next time you’re teeing off at Carbrook, remember—the only jaws you need to worry about are the ones on your golf club.