Incredible and Strange Garage Sale Finds

By: Arthur Gold | Published: Apr 11, 2022

It can be fun and exciting to spend a sunny Saturday going through stranger’s no longer needed items. You never know what you’re going to find!

The people in this list were able to find some incredibly interesting items, from usefulness, historical, or just downright creepy.

A Wedding Dress

This lucky bride to be was able to score her a wedding dress worth the big bucks for garage sale figures. Talk about a win!


Finding the perfect dress is hard enough for future “I-doers,” imagine finding your gown in the driveway of a stranger! Best wishes to the lucky gal.


A Portrait of Himself

We are all trying to find ourselves in one way or another, but finding yourself in a painting will do! This man found what looks like a made-for-him portrait of himself holding a book.


It does make one wonder who the man in the painting truly is. Either way, we hope this gentleman was able to hang this on the mantle with pride.

Human bones for sale! Any takers?

This garage sale find is spooky and disorienting, but perhaps in the name of science? Archaeological observations?


Hopefully, Hannibal Lecter isn’t orchestrating the garage sale and the bones are sold in good faith, however it’s hard to get past and is pretty simply just creepy. 

Reserved for Allied Armies

For the history buffs out there, this is one sweet find. A champagne bottle that reads “Reserved for Allied Armies.”


Although it was left unopened, the Allied Forces did come out on top in the war, and that is something to celebrate!

Tin Foil Hat Cat

If shielding your kitty’s brain from electromagnetic fields has been on the top of your list, look no further! Your kitty is safe.

This garage sale find is either incredibly whimsical or was created in the height of Area 51 conspiracies floating around. Either way, that kitty is working the heck out of of that tin foil hat.


An Intense Cards Game Between Clams

For fans of the fancy, this clams statue speaks for itself. You can even see what cards the clams are working with!

This is a hilarious garage sale find, and anyone who found it was most likely incredibly eager to show it off.


Dollar Dollar Bills, Ya'll

This is the best find! Buying a new (old) wallet and then uncovering over 100 dollars! Score. 

It does present an ethical dilemma of returning the money to the original owner or not. To each their own, either way, it is pretty exciting


101 Things to Make with Human Skin...

If this book was sold at the same house as the human bones we are extremely uncomfortable right now! This is not a book you want to see at any house you’re visiting.

Here’s hoping that the book is satirical, if it is not, we cannot imagine who bought it or who wrote it, and why.


Everybody Loves Switzerland

Like any immaculate piece of art, there is a lot to unpack with what the artist’s intentions were in creating their masterpiece.

What does seem clear is that Switzerland is the “egg” and all those who want to travel there are drawn to it like “seed.” That’s our interpretation, what’s yours?


Feather Necktie

This garage sale find is for the dashingly stylish and daringly bold. What better way to show one’s appreciation for both nature and fashion than to wear a necktie that easily communicates both.

We’d recommend pairing this item with a bold colored suit to really make it POP. Either way, you’ll likely be the Bell of the Ball.