Funny Stories Of Parenting Struggles: The Incredible Jokes And Mischievous Behavior Of Children!

Published: Oct 31, 2023

Remember when you were a kid and your parents couldn’t make heads or tails of why you did something? Or maybe it was one of your own kids who drove you up the wall with their seemingly random behavior. Either way, these tales are sure to leave everyone in stitches as we take an amusing look into the wild world of child logic! 

From funny anecdotes about toddlers going bonkers over spilled milk to crazy stories involving epic temper tantrums, this is guaranteed to be one heck of a ride that’ll have us all laughing out loud!

The Fun of Watching Kids Grow!

It’s amazing to watch a child grow up and develop their vocabulary! Not only do they learn the basics, but also start using metaphors, jokes and witty phrases. It can be confusing for them at times – like when Miriel was writing her condolence letter after her friend’s mom passed away. Her son had an interesting question that made perfect sense once you really think about it! 


Source: @mirielmargaret/ Twitter

Oftentimes these moments help parents understand their kid’s creative process and mental growth better. As children get older, there are many more funny questions asked as well as plenty of opportunities to appreciate how much they’re growing each day!


A Kid With Their Priorities Set

This kid has their priorities figured out and it’s a lesson for us all. Sure, they want candy, a bike to enjoy the great outdoors, clothes and technology but what they really need is something far more important…a Hippopotamus! 


Source: Reddit

Yes that’s right; this child knows that while some things bring us temporary happiness like candy, new toys or a tablet, nothing beats having your own hippopotamus; That’s a basic need right? 

A Princess on a Mission

Having all eyes on you with nobody else around can be great. You get attention, never have to share and feel like royalty! But when a new sibling shows up, it’s hard for some kids who are used to being solo in the spotlight.


Source: @danieljoness/ Twitter

Just ask this adorable little lady, she wasn’t happy about her mom having another child so she packed up her things and had one mission in mind – find a home where she would truly be loved as only princesses deserve!

Ready to Go – Daughter Prepares for a Virtual Trip to Disney World

It seems like digitalization has made life so much easier, doesn’t it? With virtual tours you can explore the world from the comfort of your couch. Amazing right? Especially during the pandemic that made its mark on humanity.


Source: Reddit

But sometimes kids don’t understand the difference between real-life experiences and virtual reality ones – take this daughter as an example! She was all packed up ready to go on her adventure…to Disney World…but virtually of course! Her mom felt low-key offended that she didn’t even consider taking her along. 

Making the World a Better Place one Yogurt Lid at a Time

Kids have a natural purity that life tends to whittle away at as they grow up. But don’t you worry, this post won’t dive into too much doom and gloom! In fact only smiles and joy to be found! Whether you’re an adult or kid yourself – rest assured that reading this will put a smile on your face.

Source: Reddit

It all started with one Redditor who had an epiphany after watching a documentary featuring a bear rummaging through people’s trash until finding a yogurt lid. This prompted the individual to take action and start leaving the yogurt on their own yogurt lids, so the bears too could snack on yogurt. Who knew helping animals could be so simple and delicious!


Rock-a-Bye Sister - A Tale of a Little Girl and Her Rock Collection

Who knew rocks could be so fun? We all know that kids like to collect things, whether it’s dolls, toy cars or stamps. But this story takes collecting in a whole new direction! It starts with an inquisitive boyfriend who noticed his girlfriend’s little sister carrying around a really heavy backpack. When they opened it up and took out the contents… guess what was inside?! Yep – “beautiful cube rocks”! 

Source: Mb.dkn

The girl had gone rock collecting without anyone even knowing about her passion for these interesting stones. So if your child is getting bored with their usual collection of barbies why not suggest taking them on a rock hunting expedition.


An "Errand" Named After Her Dad!

When it comes to kids, their vocabularies are still developing. As a result, they can sometimes make up names for objects or words that sound alike but have completely different meanings. Such was the case with Ellie’s misheard word “errands” which she heard as “Aarons”. 

Source: Bittenfingers13/Tumblr

Now we know an errand is simply another term for running out to do a task – nothing more than that. But little did Ellie realise that her misunderstanding would lead to such an endearing story about adults naming their chores after themselves! Who knows? Maybe this will be something parents start doing now…


Rock-solid Imagination

When kids think they’ve stumbled upon something mysterious, it’s usually just a rock. Such was the case when one six-year-old found an ‘egg’ and tried to convince their dad that it belonged to either a dragon or snake! Unfortunately for them, Dad had other ideas. 

Source: Reddit

He knew better than to believe in such fantasies and soon realized what his child had really discovered wasn’t so magical after all – just your run of the mill rock. As parents, sometimes you have no choice but to be the bad guy; however this time there were only laughs around as everyone appreciated how creative young minds can be!


A Circle of Fun Around Aunt Mary!

Remember the days when kids would try to outsmart their parents, just for fun? Well, this group of children took it one step further – they decided to test a theory on Aunt Mary.

Source: Reddit

As per usual with these kinds of experiments, things didn’t quite go as planned and we can only imagine her reaction! But hey…at least they got an ‘A’ for effort in trying to draw that circle around poor old Auntie M.


Strategic Rebranding 

Fooling people isn’t usually the right thing to do, but what about when it comes to toddlers who are being stubborn and petty? That’s where parents can take a page from the “Strategic Rebranding” playbook. 

Source: Reddit

When this little girl decided she was done with veggie squash, her creative parents came up with an ingenious plan – transforming them into delicious yellow cucumbers! After all, if you can convince even the pickiest of eaters that something is tasty (even if it looks different), then there really isn’t much else these kiddos won’t try.


When Siblings Share the Love!

When it comes to families that have more than one kid, the struggle can be real – especially if they don’t get along. Teaching kids from an early age about being kind, loving, supportive and cooperative is key for them to learn how to be a good person.

Source: Reddit

And one Reddit user’s daughter really took it to the next level, she received a five-dollar bill as a present for her 5th birthday but instead of keeping it all for herself she decided to tear the note into two pieces so her brother could also benefit from this gift! Now isn’t that just adorable? 


Replaced by The Simpsons!

Having a baby is such an incredible experience for any woman and some wish to preserve all those special moments forever. From pictures to recordings, journals to ultrasounds – these little time capsules of joy keep us connected to our loved ones long after they’ve grown up. 

Source: Reddit

So you can only imagine this poor mother’s horror when she found out her precious ultrasound tape had somehow been replaced by reruns of everyone’s favorite cartoon family – ‘The Simpsons’! Talk about heartbreaking…


Beware of Bad Yoda!

A two-year old was terrified of going into her room, and when asked why she replied with a very cryptic “Bad Yoda watch her”. Her parents were more than a little unnerved – but it turns out the source of their daughter’s fear wasn’t some mythical creature at all. 

Source: Tumblr

It was nothing more than the backside of the little lady’s ‘Powerpuff Girl’s’ toy…with its big googly eyes staring right at her! Even we got spooked at the sight of it for a second there!


Crazy Calendar Conundrum

Four to five year old pre-kindergarten students may not be the sharpest crayons in the box, but they sure know how to stir up trouble. Take one young student for example; she thought that her class calendar was used to keep track of time itself! So when she decided it would be fun to give it a bit of a makeover, little did she realise what consequences this might have. 

Source: Tumblr

She didn’t notice the teacher fixed her ‘accidental’ alterations and for years afterwards our mischievous protagonist believed that by moving around some numbers on the page, she had inadvertently disrupted reality as we know it – talk about overestimating yourself! 


Survival Instincts Save the Day!

It was an adventurous morning for this brave little kid. When his family rented out a beach house, the master bedroom wasn’t quite up to his parents’ standards so they moved into another room. 

Source: Tumblr

But when morning came and they were nowhere to be found, it was time for him to show just how impressive his survival instincts are! He took matters into his own hands and marched all the way to the beach  – eventually enlisting help from a stranger in order to locate those missing parents of his.


Born to Float - A Tale of Talent

This girl was born with a special talent, but it wasn’t what you’d expect. Instead of using her arms and legs to swim like most people do, she just floated along on her back – no effort required at all!

Source: Tumblr

Sure, some may say that swimming isn’t the same without actually doing any strokes in the water – but if this is how she’s happiest then why not float forever? Afterall, a little denial never hurt anybody so let’s celebrate this unique gift instead.


Babysitting - A Tough Job! 

From handling the calmest of kids to dealing with those who seem like they have no off-switch, babysitters need a special kind of patience. Take little Audrey for example; she took advantage of her distracted sitter and decided it was time to cause some chaos! 

Source: Reddit

Diaper removed, you can imagine what happened next – let’s just say clean up duty involved more than toys this time around. It takes an extra level of resilience and composure to handle these kinds of situations – so all hail the amazing babysitters out there making sure our children are happy and safe while we’re away!


A Haunted Bath Mat? 

We’ve all heard of phobias adults may suffer from, such as the fear of spiders (Arachnobia) or enclosed dark spaces (Claustrophobia). But have you ever considered what a one-year-old may fear? 

Source: Wsj

Well, this Edmonton family found out their one-year-old child was petrified of a seemingly harmless bath mat. The poor parents were left with no choice but to sell it off for the sake of their little one’s sanity. Talk about irrational fears!


The Hammer Fitting Challenge - Not For the Faint-Hearted! 

Remember that pre-teen who burned her hair off with a straightener? Well, this time around we have something even more daring to share. We came across an image of a young girl attempting to fit an entire hammer inside her cheeks – yikes! 

Source: Reddit

Though she seemed rather terrified about what would happen when mummy dearest saw it, her curiosity got the best of her and unfortunately the little experiment didn’t end well either. So kids out there please take note; if you want to do something as wild as fitting hammers in your mouth then think twice because it’s definitely not for the faint hearted!


A Parent's Last Resort - Selling the Nintendo Switch! 

When words don’t work, it’s time to shake things up. This parent had reached their limit when they decided to sell off their child’s beloved gaming console. It seems like this kid was getting away with a few too many vices…

Source: Tumblr

He decided going to the bathroom while showering made sense?! We think therapy might have been more appropriate but hey – desperate times call for desperate measures right? 


A Kid's Quirky Question to His Doctor!

Is your child a medical mystery? Well, this kid certainly is! After his pediatrician checkup was over, little Aadi had something he really wanted to find out – from the doctor himself.

Source: @amalt/ Twitter

Did he have any superpowers like Spiderman or Batman?! We can only guess what made him ask such an intriguing question…could it be that the doc bears some resemblance to one of these heroes? Or just the odd and curious thoughts of a toddler…


It's a Toilet Paper Emergency!

Can you believe it? A school with no toilet paper! For an entire month, the students had to resort to drastic measures in order to stay clean. Instead of buying rolls from the store, they’d use their undershirts as makeshift wipers!

Source: @MinaSmakesamess/ Twitter

It wasn’t until one day mom sniffed out the problem – thank goodness for Mom’s intuition! Talk about a TP emergency – let’s hope other schools learn from this ordeal and never run into such shortages again.


Child-Proof Your Gadgets!

If your little one is an expert at surfing the web, you’d better be ready to take extra precautions. Put a kiddy lock on all of your devices – it’s important to keep them away from restricted content! 

Source: Tumblr

These parents were sure they had everything under control, until checking their son’s youtube search history and discovering that sometimes even restricting access can’t protect your child from good ol’ ‘toilet humor’!


A Mom's Brilliant Nap Trick!

Are your kids or younger siblings getting too hard to handle? We’ve all been there and it’s no fun. But don’t worry, we have the perfect solution that will make everyone happy – the nap trick! 

Source: Vtv

Here’s how you do it: turn on a Spanish movie and tell them they need to take a nap in order for their “confusion” to wear off. Then after they wake up, put on the same movie but this time in English. It really works like magic – try it out today and enjoy some peace of mind (and maybe even take an extra-long nap yourself!).


Wholesome Wonder - The Most Adorable Question!

We’ve all seen it – kids doing something that makes you facepalm and think “Who raised this one?” But then there are times when a kid does something so wholesome, your heart just melts. Well, this post’s author encountered such a moment, after noticing a mom and her daughter staring inquisitively before finally mustering up enough courage for the little girl to approach with an adorable question…

Source: Alamy

How did they put on their tattoos every day?! Such cuteness could not be denied as we can only imagine what kind of answer was given by our tattooed friend! All hail these moments of innocent wonderment from children everywhere – keep ’em coming!


Dress to Impress this Halloween! 

Growing up, we all looked forward to dressing up for one special night of the year – Halloween. Whether it was donning our favourite superheroes or princesses’ outfit, this spooky holiday really let us unleash our creativity and imagination. But what if you wanted to be a cut above the rest?…

Source: @jungleland/ Twitter

Well then, there’s nothing better than going that extra mile with your costume choice. Just like this kid did – he decided on something unique; why not dress up as…a pair of pants!? His bold decision certainly made him stand out from others in the crowd during trick-or-treating time!


Attack of the Tomatoes 

We’ve all heard stories about kids who are scared of broccoli, but what if a three-year-old was terrified of tomatoes instead? This little one mixed up her words and when the family ran to their basement for protection from an impending tornado she thought they were running away from a tomato!

Source: XplodingUnicorn/ Twitter

We can only assume that Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs must have been playing in the background right before this happened. 


Oops! Kids Will Be Kids!

Ah, the joys of childhood! There’s something so special about kids – they can be super entertaining when they’re not being difficult. We all remember the days we spent trying everything to avoid getting grounded by mom and dad. After all those mischievous mishaps, we still have plenty of stories that make us smile even today. 

Source: @MattWashBlog/ Twitter

Take this one for example: a kid drew on his face with a marker, but instead of asking for help he decided to turn himself into an Egyptian mummy and then ran straight into the wall… ouch! These comedic errors are sure to bring you lots of giggles (and maybe some cringes). 


Kids, Shoes and Single Dads - Oh My! 

No more lonely shoes on the road wondering who they belong to because we have the answer! This single dad has had enough of his kids casually taking off their shoes during shorter trips. 

Source: burn_furries/ Reddit

His daughter even went so far as to throw her shoe out the window in order to avoid making him mad… We can only imagine what was going through her little noggin’. So next time you pass by a lone kid’s shoe on your travels, remember this story; it just might make sense now.


A Six-Year-Old's Complex Mind! 

When his mother told him he was wearing shoes on the wrong feet, a six-year old boy had an answer that most adults wouldn’t expect. With an inquisitive mind and some complex logic, he replied saying “I don’t have other feet!”

Source: @ginad129/ Twitter

His mom should’ve known to phrase it differently but she certainly didn’t anticipate such thoughtfulness from her son. This is one of those moments when children’s innocence combined with their intelligence makes us all smile in amazement!


A Kid as Adorable as That Deserves a Trip to Disneyland! 

We’ve got nothing but love for this kid. Most kids would throw a temper tantrum after four hours in the car, not him – he kept his patience and stayed cool, believing home was just around the corner. 

Source: Boredpanda

When they finally arrived, it was like everything else had faded away from our young hero; all that mattered was making sure their cat at home didn’t go hungry – what a sweetheart! 


A Simple Trick for Easier Parenting! 

Parenting can be difficult, but sometimes taking the easy way out is exactly what you need. When your kid insists on something silly like not wanting butter on their toast, don’t make them a new one

Source: @TwinzerDad/ Twitter

Just flip it around and they won’t even notice the difference! It may seem small, but little shortcuts like this are key to keeping our sanity during these challenging times. In the words of this wise dad “Toddlers are dumb. Take advantage of it while you can”


When Brothers Play Together! 

Growing up with siblings can be a whole lot of fun, especially when the relationship is built on love and respect. Take Seth and his older brother for example – they’ve been mischievous since day one! As kids, Seth used to ask his brother to put him in a pillowcase and swing him around like he was nothing more than an object… talk about rebellious behaviour! 

Source: @GoodishIntent/ Twitter

Their parents could only tell this story after both boys had already grown up; otherwise it might have ended with them losing custody of their sons. So remember everyone – don’t try this at home (or anywhere else)!


A Witchy Surprise - All Thanks to Color Theory!

When one boy thought his mother was a witch, he couldn’t have been more wrong. Turns out all she needed was a little bit of color theory and presto-change-o! His mom had the perfect trick up her sleeve when it came time for him to do some coloring: he used the wrong colors but thanks to basic color theory – plus just a touch of “witchiness” – she helped him get it right in no time flat. 

Source: @om_eye_goodness/ Twitter

When asked if she was actually a witch, his mum didn’t deny it; which might be the best way ever invented for getting your kid’s attention, we’re pretty sure he will never say no to doing chores again!


Trick Your Kids Into Eating Healthy - It's Worth a Try! 

Tired of your kids only wanting fast food? Maybe it’s time to get creative and use a little deception in the kitchen. Little Alfie wouldn’t eat much other than good ol’ Taco Bell. until his parents put their homemade meal into an old Taco Bell bag – they both got what they wanted, healthy food for him and an empty plate at mealtime. 

Source: @DisneyHipsters/ Twitter

Who said that making sure your children are eating right needs to be boring? With some clever packaging ideas you can fool them into thinking it’s takeout while also getting all the nutrients needed for growth and development. So don’t let picky eaters ruin mealtimes – trick ’em into eating healthy instead!


A Four-Year Old's Hilarious Reaction To An Unusual Phrase!

A four year old was presented with an unusual phrase that left them completely perplexed. When the Redditor said “See you later, alligator” to this little one, the response they got was nothing short of adorable and absolutely hilarious! 

Source: Tumblr

This kid tried their best to make sense of it only to realize that they were being called an animal. Therefore, in order for things to even out, they came up with the sweetest reply – “See you later chicken”. Cuteness overload!


Caught Red-Handed! 

What happens when you take an afternoon nap after working overnight and wake up to find your face covered with weird streaks of red paint? Well, this dad found himself in such a situation and screamed “911! I was vandalized!” His neighbor pointed out these patterns on his face which he had no clue about. 

Source: Boredpanda

Lucky for him, the perpetrators were caught – but not without some paw-sitivity involved. It turned out one culprit blamed the other who couldn’t possibly have done it with four legs! In what can be said as an outrageous episode of vandalism getting solved by wits (and paws!), this dad managed to catch those responsible.


When You Think Outside the Box, Even Hiding Can Be Fun! 

Tired of playing hide and seek in the same old spots? This little one certainly was. So what did he do instead? He found an unconventional spot to hide – maybe not the most inconspicuous hiding spot… being that it was see-through and all. 

Source: Imgur

He could have chosen any nook or corner and that would have done just fine for this kiddo; however, his brilliant idea made hiding more exciting than ever before. One Reddit user jokingly commented that with such creativity behind him, this kid will go places…not college but other unique locations too! 


Pranking Kids Made Easy! 

It’s just too easy to pull off a great prank on kids. All you need is their innocence and naivety, plus some of your own mischievousness – voila, instant chaos! Just take the hilarious case of one Twitter user whose daughter refused to put on “sunscream”.

Source: @jacaristar/ Twitter

After pushing her outside and yelling at the sun to ‘GET HER’, it was pandemonium everywhere! It sure makes for an amusing sight when childlike innocence meets adult-level mischief; although probably not so much fun for the kid in question!


A Parent's Nightmare - Kids Swallowing the Strangest Objects! 

Parenting is a rollercoaster ride, with kids doing strange and sometimes dangerous things. We hear stories of toddlers removing their gaze for one second only to develop a new bruise or break toys—and that’s before considering what happens when they get creative. 

Source: Tumblr

Like one kid we heard about who swallowed a SIM key … then tried to show his younger brother how he did, only to swallow another object once again! That’s why parents need to stay vigilant – but also take time out to laugh at these wild moments… otherwise you’d go crazy trying to keep up with them all day long!


Kids Say the Funniest Things!

Kids have a way of making ordinary things extraordinary. Just ask this five-year-old who shared with her class that her mom hits her before joining class! Unfortunately, what was meant to be an innocent description quickly got lost in translation… 

Source: @stayathomies/ Twitter

Until mom stepped in to clarify matters. Let’s face it; kids say the funniest (and cutest) things! Who else could turn something as simple as high fives into a hilarious story? We just can’t get enough of their creative minds and imaginations – they sure know how to put smiles on our faces!


The Possibilities of Multiple Rivals! 

At six, his dad had the moment to blow his son’s mind wide open. When his son noticed that only the opposite team were changing their jerseys every week, he asked why theirs had to stay purple, it took a simple explanation for his jaw to hit the floor.

Source: @DanielGAlarcon/ Twitter

It turns out that they were playing against multiple rival teams each week – who knew?! This dad sure did open him up to an entirely new horizon.


Kids, Farts and Laughs - Oh My! 

Kids can be so unpredictable sometimes. Take this little boy for example; he was innocently getting tickled by his family when suddenly – out it came! He started to scream and cry because apparently, he had been saving that fart for later…yes you read that right. 

Source: mirarom/ Reddit

Why would you even save a fart? How does one save such a thing? We may never know; all we do know is that you just gotta love kids and their unique perspective on life! From laughing at tickles to accidentally releasing ‘savings’, moments like these are ones we’ll never get back.


Superhuman Strength?

A 12-year old child had an incident that left us all in awe. He called up his dad, complaining about how hard the potatoes were when he tried mashing them, amazed by his mothers superhero strength… 

Source: Tumblr

Of course, the genius kid had forgotten one little step – cooking them first…Ahhh kids these days; they’ll never cease to amaze us.


Who Knew Coughs Could Be So Fun?

Tag is every kid’s favorite game, but Covid-19 put a stop to it. Or did it? In recent times modern problems have required modern solutions in the most unexpected of places! Take one first grade class as an example. With tag being banned on school grounds due to social distancing regulations, these clever kids found their own way around the rules…

Source: Tumblr

By coughing instead of tagging each other! As creative problem solvers go, they are right up there with Einstein himself; who would’ve thought that sneezes and coughs could be so much fun? It just goes to show that all children come into this world equipped with wisdom and creativity that no other age group can match!


A Child's Admission of Guilt - Too Soon?

When trouble arises, it often seems like everybody is suspicious. We might think that kids are the best at lying but this story proves otherwise! This dad found some drawings on his walls and knew who was responsible right away; he simply called out his four-year-old child’s name and they replied with a quick “I didn’t draw on the wall!” 

Source: Tumblr

Whoopsie daisy! It looks like this little one here admitted to their crime before even being asked…guess that guilty feeling got the better of them. Lesson learned – when you’re in trouble, don’t be so quick to own up or suspicion will always follow you around!


Sweet Treats for Technology?

It’s amazing what lengths kids will go to get a sweet treat! Particularly if strict parents who limit their sugar intake are involved, one kid recently managed to pull off an incredible exchange. 

Source: Tumblr

Swapping just one Oreo cookie for a tablet worth hundreds of dollars. As you can imagine, it wasn’t long before the responsible parent stepped in and tried to put things right again! Who says you can’t buy happiness?