Drinks From the Past That You Can’t Find on the Shelves Anymore

By: Kate Row | Last updated: Nov 07, 2023

There are so many foods and beverages that take us back to childhood. Who could forget playing in the summer with a Sunny-D and a Fruit Rollup in hand? These items tend to hold a special place in our hearts for the nostalgia they bring us. Ah, the good ole days!

But, there are some drinks that you can’t seem to find anymore. Some of those classic drinks from our childhood that once covered the shelves of grocery stores are now a thing of the past. These drinks were discontinued and disappeared from production. See if some of these funky drinks jog up a memory from your childhood.

Coca-Cola BlāK

Do you remember this interesting-looking Coca-Cola? No one can deny that Coke is one of the most popular drinks around. Most people can’t help but indulge in a refreshing Coca-Cola every once in a while. But when they came out with the Coca-Cola BlāK in 2006, most of us just shook our heads.


Source: Reddit

The Coca-Cola BlāK was a coffee-flavored soft drink; Not exactly what you expect from a soda brand. And it clearly didn’t impress much because the drink was discontinued and taken off of shelves only 2 years later, in 2008. We can’t say we miss the drink, but we can appreciate that even the best make mistakes sometimes.


Hubba Bubba Soda

Hubba Bubba has long been the chewing gum of choice for many kids. It’s reminiscent of competitions to see who could blow the biggest bubble. We’re not sure who thought that bubblegum-flavored soda would be a good idea.


Source: Facebook

But somehow, this sugary catastrophe made its way into stores. It was one of many confusing decisions of the 1980s. Bubble gum and soda might sound like an appealing combo but it sure didn’t stick because you’d be hard-pressed to find Hubba Bubba soda cans on the shelves today.

Crystal Pepsi

Does anyone remember Crystal Pepsi? The drink feels something like a fever dream but we can assure you, it really existed. You may be wondering what the difference was between this exciting new drink and the original Pepsi soda.


Source: Wikipedia

Well, we hate to disappoint but the only real difference between the Crystal Pepsi and the original was the color. It was literally just clear Pepsi. Need we explain more about why this was swiftly discontinued? It didn’t make much sense.


We can’t be sure what kind of marketing technique this was but floating orbs in your soda doesn’t sound all that appetizing. Orbitz hit the stores in the late ’90s. It was a soda with floating balls of gelatin in it.


Source: Pinterest

Are you sold? Well, neither were the masses in the 1990s because this soda didn’t last long before being discontinued. The texture threw people off which does not come as much of a surprise to us!

Life Savers Soda

Like Hubba Bubba, Life Savers Candies thought they would dip their toes in the beverage world. For better or for worse, they created this fruit-flavored candy soda which did not impress. We can see how the colorful can might have attracted kids to the drink, but we can only assume this thing was packed full of sugar, which is enough to turn parents off of it.

Source: Twitter

They had tons of different flavors including fruit punch, grape punch, lime punch, orange punch, and pineapple. It was launched in the ’80s and discontinued swiftly after that. We can’t say we miss it.