Determined Man Beats 52 World Records in a Year

By: Arthur Gold | Published: Feb 18, 2022

David Rush of Idaho describes himself as “one of the most prolific Guinness World Records title holders on the planet.” And he’s not wrong. Rush has broken more than 150 world records since 2015. He then went on to beat 52 world records in a single year. He decided to break an average of 1 world record a week, doing so to inspire his STEM students to “pursue anything that’s hard.”

Of the 52, ten are still under review by Guinness World Records, having to undergo an official verification process. Below we’ve compiled the 43 Guinness World Record approved list of records broken by Mr. Rush. Some appear to not have been updated since he broke the records, or have since been broken by someone else!

1. Fastest time to wrap a person with wrapping paper (team of two)

For the first world record Rush completed, he used a little help from his friends (or family). As the adage goes, “your presence is a gift.” So why not wrap it? David Rush and his companions sure did.


In the photos you can note a Christmas tree and stocking hanging over the fireplace in the background, indicating this world record was broken at the optimal time. Tis’ the season to get all wrapped up!


2. Fastest 100m Joggling with Three Objects Whilst Blindfolded (Male)

Running and juggling go together like peanut butter and jelly. No wait, they go together like peanut butter and mustard is more like it. Not the easiest feat to accomplish yet accomplish it Mr. Rush did.


Rush broke the world record for “joggling,” the act of juggling while jogging three objects as he did so. Furthermore, if that wasn’t challenging enough, he was also blindfolded! That likely took a bit of practice.

3. Fastest 100 m Blindfolded

Earning the fastest 100m blindfolded probably felt like a much easier task after completing the above world record of doing so while juggling as well.


We must wonder how he was able to know where he was going and not run into anything. There were some serious health risks involved here! Ultimately though, it seems he came out okay.

4. Most Consecutive Axe Juggling Catches

This one seems like high risk and perhaps for David Rush, high reward. He completed 2,919 catches to defeat the record. This record must’ve taken quite a sizeable amount of strength and tenacity to accomplish.


Rush can be seen in what looks like his front yard tossing the axes while someone simultaneously times and films him. Rush also appears to be wearing a camera atop his head to catch his unique perspective.

5. Most Beach Ball Passes in One Minute (Team of Two)

While Rush and his companion hold the record for most ball passes in one minute, we’d argue that many beach-goers may have broken the record accidentally at some point!

But perhaps not, as one could get pretty tired pretty quickly. But not Rush! He and his partner made it all the way to a whopping 157 passes between the two of them.


6. Most Marshmallows Caught by Mouth in One Minute

This Guinness World Record is a bit mouth-watering. David Rush was able to cram a total of 58 marshmallows in his mouth. His friend, Johnathan Hannon, also completed a total mouth catching of 58 marshmallows.

Hannon also works in the STEM field and wanted to help inspire people to work hard to achieve their goals.


7. Most Apples Thrown and Caught in Mouth in One Minute

On September 28th, 2021, Rush was able to break the world record for most apples thrown and caught in the mouth in one minute. Rush made it to 49. Johnathon Hannon also made it to 49 in one minute,

Both men hail from Boise, Idaho.


8. Fastest 10m Balancing a Balloon on the Face

The fastest 10 m balancing a balloon on one’s face was done of course by David Rush and totaled at 4.93 seconds. Rush completed this world record on September 5th, 2021.

He can be seen running with a blue balloon atop his face as he races to his self-made finish line made of blue tape, just before he crosses the finish line.


9. Farthest Distance Travelled on an Electric Unicycle While Juggling Three Objects

The farthest distance travelled on an electric unicycle while juggling three objects was attained by David Rush on July 31st, 2021. He made it 56.40 kilometers which is equal to approximately 35 miles.

That is an incredibly far distance to go so far on a unicycle. It’s nice to hear Rush was getting a good workout within all his record breaking.


10. Most Juggling Catches While on a Balance Board (Blindfolded)

While David completed the most juggling catches while on a balance board blindfolded, there was also an option to complete most juggling catches on a balance board in one minute without being blindfolded. David Rush holds the records for both!

He completed this challenge blindfolded with a total number of 1,316 catches on July 17th, 2021.


11. Most Passes of a Giant Inflatable Ball in Three Minutes (Team)

We could all have a little help from our friends, and on July 5th, 2021, David Rush, Johnathon Rush, and Johnathon Morse broke the Guinness World Record. The trio made a total of 673 passes with a giant inflatable ball in three minutes.

Also, it does seem as though Mr. Rush knows quite a few people named “Johnathon.” Perhaps he has a record in that as well?!


12. Fastest Time to Wrap a Person in Plastic Wrap

The Guinness World Record for fastest time to wrap a person in plastic wrap (or cling film depending on where you reside) stands at 1 minute, 2 seconds, 44 milliseconds.

Hopefully whoever David wrapped up plastic wrap did not have to be wrapped around the face, that’s dangerous! He completed this record on June 26th 2021, in Boise Idaho.


13. Most Thumbtacks Inserted into a Cork in One Minute

This one left us a bit stumped, as an NPR article detailing David Rush’s many accomplishments came out in January 2022, the Guinness World Record site, which claims to be up to date, says another man holds the above world record.

On the site, the current holder is Andre Ortolf of Germany. He inserted 140 thumbtacks into a cork in one minute.


14. Fastest Time to Complete a 10m Shuttle Run Pushing a Pram

The fastest time to complete a 10m shuttle run while pushing a pram (or baby carriage, stroller, depending on where you’re from) is 9.88 seconds.

David Rush completed this task on May 9th, 2021. David’s five-year-old son, Jeremy, helped him complete this record.


15. Most Toilet Paper Rolls Balanced on Head

David Rush was able to balance 101 toilet paper rolls on his head and beat the Guinness World Record, which is impressive! What is even more impressive is that he was able to do so in the midst of the pandemic during the great toilet paper recession!

It is clear in the photo the sheer engineering that it took to get all the toilet paper stacked and balanced. And think of the time! Well done, Mr. Rush.


16. Fastest Time to Burst 10 Balloons (Team of Six)

This world record took the help of a team of six people on May 6th 2021. David Rush, Jennifer Rush, Seth Lemmons, Ryan Gerulf, Lisa Marie Hannon, Christina Hatfield.

It took the team exactly 9.56 seconds to complete. The team members completed this world record in Boise, Idaho.


17. Most Tennis Balls Caught in Shaving Foam on Head in 30 Seconds

This rather unusual world record was another team effort by two people. David Rush and Johnathon Hannon. The Guinness World Record for most tennis balls caught in shaving cream on head in 30 seconds has a total number of 35.

The photo truly does the absurdity of the task justice and gives us a good chuckle. Looks like Mr. Rush is having great fun!


18. Farthest Distance Walked Balancing a Baseball Bat on the Chin

Boy oh boy does this one look difficult! For this Guinness Book World Record, applicants must be 16 years of age or older…perhaps because of the possibility of the bat falling onto your face.

In any case, David Rush was able to make it 3.6 kilometers ( 2.236 miles for the Americans!) What a feat. Good job, Rush!


19. Most Behind-the-Back Flying Disc (Frisbee) Catches in One Minute

Catching a frisbee can be hard enough for some of us, imagine not only doing it behind you back, but doing it a grand total of 67 times! This record was broken on March 14, 2021.

That is what David Rush, and his partner Michael Beacham did. Previously, he had broken a record with a five-person team (which included Beacham) and achieved the fastest flying-disc relay which was a 20 m course.


20. Fastest Flying Disc Relay (20m Course)

This Guinness World Record was broken by a team of six: Michael Beacham, Becky Beacham, David Rush, Chris Knight, Dustin Black.

The team made dozens of attempts before they were able to achieve their goal of 5.47 seconds. Ensuring that the frisbee was both caught and passed fluidly was a part of the challenge. The team did rearrange the order of recipients to ensure maximum smoothness.


21. Most Passes of a Giant Inflatable Ball in Three Minutes

There is no denying the inherent fun this world record seems to offer! David Rush and Seth Lemmons took to passing a giant emoticon-inspired inflatable ball back and forth. They broke the record at 356 total passes.

They broke this record on March 7th, 2021, in Boise, Idaho. The only question we have is who determines how “giant the giant inflatable ball has to be?


22. Longest Duration Balancing a Chair on the Chin

This is another uncertainty as it could be the website has not updated or that someone has simply broken the world record since then. Either way, at some point David Rush did or does hold the world record for longest duration balancing a chair on the chin.

As it stands on the website, a Spanish man named Christian Roberto Lopez Rodriguez holds the record at 1:19:17 and achieved this on November 12th 2021.


23. Most Consecutive Passes of a Giant Inflatable Ball

Just as David Rush and Seth Lemmons broke the most passes with an inflatable ball within three minutes, they too broke the most passes without a set time constraint

Their world record for most consecutive passes of a giant inflatable ball stands at a grand total of 4,169. They broke this record on March 6th, 2021. Their initial goal was to break the previous record (1,300) by around 2,000, but they continued for longer and broke past 4,000.


24. Most Kiwis Sliced on a Balance Board in One Minute

This particular world record has both the danger and the silly factor. David Rush broke the record for the most kiwis sliced on a balance board in one minute. His record stands at 85.

He broke this record on February 28th, 2021. In the background of the photograph, you can see the giant inflatable ball from the previous world records.


25. Most Grapes Thrown and Caught in the Mouth While Juggling in One Minute

Another incredibly silly Guinness World Record! For this record it took a team of two, David Rush and Johnathon Hannon. Think of the multi-tasking this must have taken! Furthermore, each team member had to be on their game. The total number of grapes thrown and caught totaled at 35.

The dynamic duo completed this record on February 28th, 2021, in Boise, Idaho. From the photos it sure looks like they are having fun.


26. Most Consecutive Catches of a Spinning Basketball

Another mystery Guinness Book World Record, where we are left to wonder if the Guinness website simply is not updated, or if someone simply broke the record in the interim!


The website says that the current record holder is someone named Pawel “Dazzle” Kidon of Atlanta, U.S., of the Harlem Globetrotters. His record stands at 26 and was logged as being achieved on December 26th, 2021.


27. Fastest Time to Flip Three Water Bottles

We run into the same mystery with the Guinness World Records website and who owns the specific title! What makes the mystery even more compelling is that the time frames for these opposing world records are within the time frame that Mr. David Rush was in the thick of completing his world records.

According to the website, the current holder of the title is Rocco Mercurio of Italy. His record is 1.32 seconds and was logged on November 14th, 2021.


28. Most Kiwifruits Sliced in the Air with a Sword Standing on a Swiss Ball in One Minute

This was not the first time David Rush has broken the record for most kiwis sliced in the air with a sword standing on a swiss ball in one minute (say that three times fast—new world record?).

Adamant to reclaim the title back and win his title back he did! The total world record stands at 74 total kiwis.


29. Longest Duration Balancing an Object on the Head

For David Rush’s object he chose a gardening hoe to balance on his head. That sounds very difficult, and we would like to know how he came to that decision! Nonetheless, on February 7th, 2021, Mr. Rush balanced a gardening hoe on his forehead for a total of 2:36:06.

Hopefully David was able to take a nice soak in the jacuzzi after such a long balancing act and odd neck angle.


30. Most Juggling Catches While on a Balance Board (Blindfolded)

David Rush must be a truly excellent juggler after all this practice he got in order to crack these world records. For this one, David had to stand on a balance board while blindfolded while juggling.

For the items he juggled, he went with some white balls. His total catch record stands at 1,316. He completed this on July 17th, 2021.


31. Fastest Time to Arrange a Chess Set

The fastest time to arrange a chess set is 30.31 seconds. This record, set by David Rush, is very admirable! Chess has become almost a lost art, so not only is it a decent feat to even know how to arrange a chess but to do so with such expediency!

A truly admirable world record.


32. Fastest Time to Arrange a Chess Board (Team of two)

This Guinness World Record required a team of two, so David Rush commissioned his wife, Jennifer Rush. However, according to the Guinness site, the current holders are Leni Hinterbrandner and Andre Ortolf of Ausberg, Germany.

They broke this record on March 14th, 2021 and timed out at 32.72 seconds.


33. Longest Duration Juggling Three Objects Whilst on a Balance Board

Another juggling world record (I know, I know, can you believe it?). And it is on another balancing board! Mr. Rush did not have to be blindfolded though, which probably gave him quite the advantage.

He did have to juggle three objects simultaneously. He clocked in at 2:39:56 on January 31st, 2021.


34. Most Glasses Balanced on a Stick Held in the Mouth

The sheer determination of balancing glasses on a stick held in the mouth! And quite entertaining too if we don’t say so ourselves. For this Guinness World Record, David Rush held a total number of 19 glasses atop a stick in his mouth.

He completed this task on January 29th, 2021.


35. Most T-Shirts Put on in 30 Seconds (Team of Two)

The most iconic part of this world record is the photo of David Rush with his t-shirts locked and loaded at the ready to be put on. We love the prep-work and thought he put into ensuring his success.

David was able to put on a total of 19 shirts in 30 seconds (phew!) with the assistance of his wife, Jennifer Rush, who also has her name on the title as she helped him with the shirts. This was Jennifer’s very first title.


36. Most T-Shirts Put on in One Minute (Team of Two)

Well, you already have the shirt laid out, you’ve already broken the world record for 30 seconds, why stop there? Jennifer and David Rush certainly did not.

The dynamic duo rushed (puns anyone?) through the minute and were able to secure 35 shirts in one minute. They completed this on January 27th, 2021.


37. Longest Duration Juggling Three Objects While on a Swiss

For those in the United States, a Swiss ball is more commonly called an exercise ball. Those are hard enough to use just for their initial purpose! Can you imagine standing on that for an extended period of time? Now imagine juggling three objects!

David Rush did it and we have the photos to prove it! He did it for a whopping 52 minutes and 18 seconds. Wow!


38. Most Grapes Sliced in the Air with a Sword on a Swiss Ball (One Minute)

The plot definitely thickened on the initial challenge of standing on a Swiss ball! Now Mr. Rush was asked to slice grapes (so small!) with a samurai sword while standing on the exercise ball.

And that he did. David was able to slice 59 grapes in one minute atop the ball. Skills.


39. Most Juggling Catches on a Swiss Ball in One Minute

Again, David Rush was asked to balance on a Swiss ball and again he delivered. At this point, it would be fair to assume that Rush had become quite skilled at staying atop the balls. This time, he had to juggle three objects and achieve the most catches.

The world record stands at 522 total catches. Well done!


40. Fastest Time to Bounce a Ping Pong Ball into Five Cups

This Guinness World Record required a team of two, David Rush and Johnathon Hannon. Hopefully their time spent at college helped them out here (beer pong anyone?). Rush and Hannon managed to bounce a ping pong into five cups in 2.87 seconds.

They completed this world record on January 9th, 2021.


41. Most Football Arm Rolls in 30 Seconds

For my American friends out there, we are discussing soccer, not American football! David Rush is either not yet or no longer on the Guinness World Record for this one. The current holder of this title goes to Mahmudul Hasan Faisal of Bangladesh.

His total number came out to 77. He completed this on June 11th, 2021.


42. Most Bars of Soap Stacked in One Minute (Team of Two)

The world record for most bars of soap stacked in one minute by a team of two goes to David Rush and Johnathon Hannon. The two Boise, Idaho men were able to stack 47 bars of soap in one minute.

They completed this task on January 4th, 2021. That is a lot of soap!


43. Most Drumstick Flips in 30 Seconds

We are again at an impasse where either the Guinness World Records site has been updated since David Rush or has yet to be updated.


The current holder of the most drumstick flips in 30 seconds goes to Rishishwar Pariyar of Nepal. He completed this world record on August 13th, 2021.