Celebrity Siblings You’ve Never Heard Of

Last updated: Jul 08, 2021

Lynda Lopez

We’ve all heard of Jenny from the block, but what about Lynda from the Block? That’s right, J.Lo has a younger sister. 

She’s not a singer, but she has had a moment in the spotlight as a former MTV VJ and radio DJ. She’s also a mom to her daughter Lucie. 

Ali Lohan

The younger daughter of Dina and Micahel Lohan managed to avoid much of the trouble fame brought to her older sister Lindsay. 


Ali Lohan/ monagiza

Though she didn’t have quite as prolific a career as her sister, Ali has modeled on the cover of CosmoGirl with Lindsay, and also released two singles as a musical artist. 


Doug Pitt

It’s hard to imagine there’s a person alive who doesn’t know Brad Pitt’s name, but have you ever heard of his brother, Doug Pitt?  


Doug Pitt/ monagiza

The younger Pitt brother is a businessman and philanthropist who just as successful offscreen as his  He’s an Ambassador for Tanzania as well as the head of an international charity. 

Patricia Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen is well known as being one of the most successful models of all time, so it may come as a surprise to know that she’s a twin!


Patricia Bundchen/ monagiza

Patricia has also had some success as a model thanks to the good looks she inherited, but she found her niche as her sister’s manager instead.  

Felicity Blunt

Felicity Blunt actually has two ties to Hollywood, one more obvious than the other. Her sister, Emily is a well-known actress who starred in The Devil Wears Prada.


Felicity Blunt and Emily Blunt/ monagiza

She’s also married to actor Stanley Tucci, known for Road to Perdition and The Hunger Games series. Felicity herself prefers the quieter life as a literary agent. 

Stella Banderas and Grace Johnson

Before Dakota Johnson hit the big time in the Fifty Shades of Grey series, she was the daughter of actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.  

Dakota Johnson Stella Banderas and Grace/ monagiza

Her folks split when she was young, and Dakota became close with her younger sisters Stella Banderas (yes, her dad is Antonio) and Grace Johnson. 


Rajad Fenty

If his first name doesn’t ring a bell, his last definitely should. Rihanna has turned her family name, Fenty, into a profitable brand. 

Rajad Fenty and Rihanna/ monagiza

Rajad, her younger brother, is still young but seems to enjoy all the perks a superstar’s sibling might hope for, like trips around the world and meeting celebs!


Nathan Kane Mathers

It’s no secret that Eminem likes to rap about his family and home life, mentioning his mom and daughter in some of his most emotional tracks. 

Nate Mathers/ monagiza

His brother Nathan, however, is rarely mentioned in his music. However, he did appear in the “Without Me” music video back in 2009. 


Lee Ann Mapother DeVette

Did you know that “Tom Cruise” is actually a stage name made of the actor’s first and middle names? He was born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV and has a sister named Lee Ann. 

Lee Ann Mapother DeVette and Tom Cruise/ monagiza

She’s also a devotee of the infamous Church of Scientology, as has worked as her little bro’s publicist. 


Connor Hutcherson

Fans of the Hunger Games series will immediately recognize the last name Hutcherson. Josh played the long-suffering Peeta alongside Jennifer Lawrence in the smash hit movie series.  

Connor Hutcherson and Josh Hutcherson/ monagiza

His younger brother Connor has had a few acting roles himself, including some acting and a voice credit on Disney’s Tarzan 2


Scott Evans

It must be hard to be the younger brother of Captain America, but Chris Evans’ brother Scott manages the title just fine. 

Scott Evans and Chris Evans/ monagiza

Scott Evans is an actor as well, and has appeared on the daytime drama One Life to Live as well as the Netflix series Grace and Frankie.


Ben and Blaine Lawrence

It’s hard to imagine the highest-paid actress of 2015 as the kid sister of two rough and tumble older brothers, but she once was! 

Ben Blaine and Jennifer Lawrence/ monagiza

Jennifer got her natural toughness from growing up alongside brothers Ben and Blaine, though she’s the only sibling to pursue a career in acting.


Dylan Efron

Disney heartthrob Zac Efron captured the hearts of thousands as the charismatic Troy Bolton in High School Musical. Fangirls may not know he has a brother!

Dylan Efron and Zac Efron/ monagiza

Dylan is active and handsome like his big bro. Recently, he’s been appearing with his older sibling on Zac’s Netflix miniseries, Down to Earth with Zac Efron.


Jamila Jordan

Jamila is the sister of Creed and Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan, and the two grew up very close. 

MIchael B Jordan and Jamila Jordan/ monagiza

When she became a mom for the first time, Michale shared his support on social media, saying, “I’m gonna be an uncle, so I’m really excited about that.”


Pokey the cat

If you’ve been on the internet in the last 10 years, you’ve probably seen the permanently surly-yet-adorable face of Tardar Sauce, better known as Grumpy Cat. 

Pokey and Tardar Sauce/ monagiza

What Grumpy Cat fans may not know is, she had an equally cute brother named Pokey! The two kitties have a form of dwarfism that gives them their unique look. 


Frank Stallone

When your brother is one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood history,  it can be hard to make your mark on the world, but Frank Stallone found a way. 

Frank and Sylvester Stallone/ monagiza

He’s actually a very talented musician, and has composed music for his brother Sly’s films, including “Far from Over” from Staying Alive.


Jonathan Firth

Colin Firth has so many awards for acting, it’s easy to miss the fact that he has a younger brother who’s also an actor. 

Jonathan Firth and Colin Firth/ monagiza

Johnathan has acted in numerous British television series, and actually won an award for his performance in Luther, and was most recently on an episode of Father Brown.


Elizabeth Olsen

To be an Olsen is to have a smashing career in showbiz, it seems. Following in her sisters Mary Kate and Ashley’s footsteps, Elizabeth started her acting career at 4. 

Elizabeth Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen/ monagiza

These days, she’s known as Scarlet Witch in the profitable Avengers series. She’s even getting a Disney Plus show based on her character called WandaVision.  


Don Swayze

Audiences fell in love with Patrick Swayze’s smooth moves in Dirty Dancing (or as a pottery-loving ghost). His brother Don has a pretty impressive list of onscreen credits as well. 

Don and Patrick Swayze/ monagiza

He was in a six-episode arc on True Blood, and he also guest-starred on Charmed, NCIS, and Criminal Minds


Brandi Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus’s family is certainly musical – nearly all of his kids have careers as singers. Brandi, his oldest daughter is no exception. 

Brandi and Miley Cyrus/ monagiza

Like her sister Miley, she has acting and singing experience, but Brandi actually works as a DJ and podcast host these days! She’s also a passionate animal activist. 


Michael Buscemi

His older brother Steve is known for his acting skills and distinctive appearance, and although he doesn’t share his brother’s unique features, he does have some real acting chops. 

Michael and Steve Buscemi/ monagiza

He’s appeared in numerous TV shows including Nurse Jackie and Orange Is the New Black. He also has graced the big screen in Blended alongside Adam Sandler. 


Noah Cyrus

Okay, you may have actually heard of the younger Cyrus sibling before, and that’s because she has a pretty respectable career in her own right. 

Noah Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus/ monagiza

She, like all her siblings, has a talent for singing and has recorded some successful albums. In addition, she’s also done voiceover work and danced in the Hannah Montana movie!


Seth Curry

We’re pretty sure this basketball star with a familiar-sounding name gets mistaken for his ultra-famous brother once in a while. 

Seth Curry/ monagiza

Seth, the younger brother of Steph, takes it all in stride. He’s doing pretty great with a pro basketball career of his own as point guard for the Dallas Mavericks. 


Gustaf Skarsgard

This Swedish family is taking over Hollywood, one starring role at a time. Stellan, father to prominent actors Alexander and Bill, has an impressive acting resume few can match. 

Gustaf Alexander and Bill Skarsgard/ monagiza

Gustaf, one of his lesser-known sons, caught the family acting bug as well. He’s known for portraying Floki in the History Channel series Vikings.


Jansen Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere first gained prominence as the indestructible cheerleader from the hit series Heroes, and has since done well as a TV and movie actress. 

Jansen and Hayden Panettiere/ monagiza

Her younger brother Jansen is also an actor, and has appeared in some major films like The Perfect Game and The Lost Medallion