Alien Contact Could Be Disastrous For Humanity, Leading To Colonialization And Genocide

By: Carissa | Last updated: Oct 27, 2023

People have often wondered if aliens really exist. And if they do, they fantasize about how incredible it would be to come in contact with them.

But some have warned of the potential dangers of alien contact, claiming that interacting with alien life forms could result in catastrophic consequences for society. There has been buzz about aliens existing since medieval times, but this year interest in aliens has reached an all-time high.

Multiple Claims of UFOs This Year

So far in 2023, several instances of possible alien encounters have been publicized by the media. In February, President Joe Biden instructed officials to shoot down three unidentified flying objects (UFOs).


Source: USC Dornsife

Months later, a Navy pilot released grainy footage of what appeared to be a flying saucer in the sky, leaving many to believe that it’s an alien aircraft. In addition, a whistleblower told Congress that the federal government has been covering up several decades of UFO research.


Aliens May Be More of a Threat Than We Initially Thought

Many are under the impression that signs of aliens on Earth could mean major problems for the people of our planet.


Source: Vocal Media

Not all extraterrestrials would be as friendly as the ET that Steven Spielberg conjured up. In fact, entire groups of researchers claim that alien encounters could result in fatal colonization and the downfall of society as we know it.

Researchers Believe That Alien Contact Has Already Begun

Scientists at the Berkeley SETI Research Center have studied areas such as Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and the US to determine the validity of possible alien existence.


Source: Plugged In

The group’s findings concluded that there is a major difference between alien “intelligence” and alien “life.” The group asserts that extraterrestrial interaction is imminent, saying that alien contact is considered “less of an event and more as a long process that has already begun.”

True Impact of Alien Contact Remains Unknown

While scientists can theorize about the possible devastating effects of humans making contact with aliens, nobody knows for certain what the outcome would be.


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For now, little is known about extraterrestrial beings, with some doubting if they even exist in the first place. However, with countless UFO sightings and claims of alien encounters, it would be best to proceed with caution when presented with the opportunity for alien contact.