40+ Times Where People’s Day Took a Hilarious Turn for the Worse

Last updated: Nov 07, 2023

Fender bender on your Ferrari? Dropped your kids off at the wrong school? Dog ate all of your left-footed shoes? Those indeed sound like serious issues—but before you start feeling too sorry for yourself, remember that your day could always be going much worse. How much worse, you say? We’re delighted you asked.

Your day could be getting ruined in an infinite number of ways, and we’re here to show you the funniest possible examples of how bad things could be. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and count all the ways in which your day is—thankfully—not going as badly as it is for these unfortunate people.

Is the Car Owner or the Duck Having a Worse Day?

This little ducky seemed like it would have made for a great car decoration but might only be functional if you live somewhere extremely cold. This car owner was none too happy to return to their car after a shift at work to find their green duck had literally melted into a puddle.


Source: Reddit

While this clean up must have been anything but fun we do have to think the only person having a worse day than the car owner is the duck himself. This is why we don’t leave animals in parked hot cars!


Snacks Are Ready

When we say “grab some popcorn,” we don’t mean grab popcorn, shove it in the microwave, and forget about it. Some things are worth waiting around for. Never leave popcorn unattended, or you may be left with a smoldering pile of burnt corn and a ruined appliance.


Still, the popcorn that didn’t catch on fire at the front there looks edible enough—but we’d rather wait until the fire gets put out before testing and tasting. We just hope this person didn’t try to resolve their combustion catastrophe by dropping it all in the freezer.

Kitchen Overhaul

Whether it’s a cabinet door that won’t quite close properly or a drawer handle that’s coming loose, kitchens, especially in old houses, can have their little quirks. It can be nice to redo your furniture if you have the funds in the bank.


Imagine rummaging through your kitchen cabinets, wondering if it might be time for some renovation—when this happens. It looks like the perfect start to a nightmarish month. It’s amazing those two cabinets are still up—they look like they’re about to come crashing down at any moment.

A Visitor From The Upper Floors

Imagine waking up and seeing this ominous bubble press its way into your bedroom or living room. Just like a big old face zit, there’s only one way to fix this—by popping it. The fun part? Finding out what caused the swelling in the first place.


Is it simply used bathwater, or something more murky and sinister? Either way, it’s going to take a heck of a clean-up job before this eyesore is out of sight and out of mind. That is unless there’s a real problem with the plumbing. Count your blessings that this isn’t your house!

Lovely Day For Boating

It looks like someone borrowed this man’s boat and didn’t quite park it right when they returned it. It’s going to take a whole day just to drag this lovely boat out of the water and probably a few more until it’s sea-worthy again.

Count your blessings that this isn’t your boat—imagine turning up to the pier and seeing a crowd around your sinking pride and joy. Even if you do manage to patch everything up (at great expense), you’ll always wonder if it’s going to leak again.


Karma Got It's Revenge

They say karma can be cruel and we have to say this is just one such example. It appears that this driver thought the rules of the parking lot didn’t apply to him. We have all probably had run ins with this kind of person unfortunately. But in this case, karma came for them!

Source: Jons_myth/ Reddit

Not only did they park poorly but they also parked in the bus parking section of the lot. The bus drivers decided they would just work around the guy and parked their busses in such a way that he is completely boxed in. That’ll teach him a lesson!


CIA Stealth Mode

This CIA agent is surely having a worse day than most of us. This is like one of those bad dreams where you show up to school or work without your pants on… except this is his reality! A neighbor noticed a CIA team doing some kind of mission in the building next to theirs, but they couldn’t have expected to see this.

Source: Reddit

When they tried to lower the agent, his pants dropped. Perhaps this was their idea of creating a distraction? If so, job well done.


Cartridge Empty, Please Insert New Cartridge

This printer has clearly had enough of the workplace discrimination and abuse from those nasty office workers. “It’s not my fault you didn’t set the printing parameters correctly!” it might be saying as ink explodes out onto the carpet under it.

We feel bad for this printer, but we feel much worse for the person whose job it is to clean this mess up. It looks like it’s going to need a little more than a carpet cleaner to get this massive ink stain out of the ground.


Bear With Me

Obviously, this is not a great place to get stuck. Whatever happened in the twenty or thirty seconds after this photo was taken—and we’re assuming there was a lot of screaming and scrambling—we hope that the people walked away unharmed afterward.

In our top ten list of places to be, a bear hole doesn’t come anywhere close to number ten, especially not with an occupying bear involved. After an incident like this, it might be hard to trust a narrow, roaring system of tunnels ever again. 


Keep the Sunscreen Handy

When mom always nagged su about not forgetting to put on sunscreen she was trying to save us from this fate. This person wore ripped jeans outside and didn’t think it was necessary to put on sunscreen. She was wearing pants, after all! But, the sun burned her where her legs were exposed through the rips in her jeans.

Source: Birorangescrewed98/ Reddit

The result is these tiger stripes left on her legs that we imagine are less than comfortable. Maybe next time she will use the sunscreen… or invest in pants without rips.


Coasting On By

We wonder when there was more screaming—as the ride accelerated to reach the top of the vertical climb—or after the passengers realized that the ride was stuck! If any of these people had roller coaster phobia before, we doubt this experience would have helped.

Still, this looks like the ultimate thrill ride—in the sense that it’s probably the last time any of these people will ever step foot near a roller coaster line again.



This behind-the-scenes look at how Instagram stars get their shots really made a splash. Not on the internet, just in the surrounding area. Pulling the perfect pose isn’t easy when you’re standing on a rocking block of foam on the water.

All that make-up time has now unfortunately gone to waste. It’s a nice reminder that some people don’t just look perfect all the time—they’re perfectly prone to “whoopsie” faces just like anyone else, especially when there’s a slip-up.


New Coat Of Paint

The back seat of your car is one heck of a place to have your paint can explode. Maybe it happened after a hard brake at a red light, but either way, we’re pretty sure the driver should have sealed the lid a little more firmly before heading out.

See the sign on the car doorstep, the one currently being sludged over by a big splash of paint? It says “Lexus.” Fixing this mess isn’t going to be easy. Even with a professional’s help, there’s no way to know if it’s ever going to get that “fresh car” smell back again.


Bad Luck or Someone Has it Out For Her

How unlucky do you have to be to get a license plate number like this? Her boyfriend posted this picture of her new license plate and all we can say is we hope she has a good sesne of humor about the whole thing. She can’t put this on her car!

Source: Misterspatula/ Reddit

Our advice would be to get a vanity plate where she can choose what it says because this is just too much. We wonder if someone at the DMV had it out for her or was just bored and decided to mix things up.


Flaming Hot Water

Have you ever turned a tap, bath, or shower faucet and been hit with searingly hot water? For some people, it’s just not hot enough. No, not really. This is what happened to the pipes after a fracking company set up in the next field over.

It turns out that shooting a pressurized mix of water, sand, and chemicals through layers of rock to release pent-up natural gas can have volatile effects on the nearby area—including the waterworks. We wonder if the fracking company sued this homeowner for seeping off their precious commodities.


Drive Thru Pizza

Ever felt self-conscious about your parking? This image is possibly the best example of what happens when you combine road rage with a hangry driver. Unfortunately, since the entire front of the store was smashed through, we doubt that they will be filling any orders any time soon.

We’d make a suggestion about the driver being able to work off their debt by delivering pizzas, but it looks like their car is going to be out of action for a little while too. Is your day really going worse than this?


First Time Flyer

These parents brought their son on his very first flight! It is always exciting to fly for the first time and judging by his pilot’s jacket he was probably pretty excited! They even gave him the window seat so he could look out the window while they took off!

Source: Cbrackenak/ Reddit

But, to his dismay, there was no window! What are the odds?! We just have to hope someone was kind enough to swap seats with him so he could enjoy the full plane experience. If that face doesn’t say “I am having a bad day” then we don’t know what does.


Plowing The Traffic

If you’ve ever lived in the city, or you’ve ever had to drive through construction, you might know the frustrations of having to slow way, way down behind construction machinery. This steamroller appears to be going so slow that it has become one with the road.

Not really. They probably just didn’t wait long enough for the surface of the road to dry, and now they’re left with a monument to their own lack of foresight—and it will probably block a lot of traffic until they can dig it out.


It’s All A Matter Of Perspective

That’s the right way to start the day, any day of the week—a hot cup o’ Joe and a little gratitude to your morning brown. This guy looks like he’s on top of the world until—Stop. Pull out track 45 left. Enhance—you look a little closer.

Even if he is on top of the world, he might be up there to jump. We doubt this little upside-down cry for help message was made by a barista. It looks like the reflection is coming from his computer monitor. Clearly, it’s a Monday.


Chao, Cello

Musical instruments don’t come cheap. They are works of art in and of themselves that deserve to be treated with respect. But apparently, rehearsal was going so badly for this player that they ripped a hole right through their cello.

It’s very punk-rock, but we’re not sure if this elegant and costly instrument really deserved such violent treatment. It certainly won’t make it sound better, anyway.


Danger Closing In

Have you ever been in a sink-or-swim situation with a tough customer or a difficult mother or father-in-law? Honestly, there are worse things to go up against in this world. This picture exemplifies our point quite nicely.

Imagine this happening to you about five seconds after you take a dip in the deep blue sea. We really hope this guy got out of that situation alive and safe, but we hear the Jaws theme slowly spin up in the background. 


Motor Problems

As a driver, you have to watch out for motorists on the road because, unlike you, they aren’t protected by six dimensions of metal. If you hit the biker, they will always sustain more injuries than you will. Or so it usually goes.

However, this time, the bike seems to have come out on top—or in front. What kind of frame was this thing made out of? Maybe if the car really is kaput, the biker might be able to pull them along to the nearest repair shop.


Wedding Crash

Although this does look like a public place, it doesn’t make the one topless man’s presence here any less awkward. At least he’s giving the party a little space for the photo. If he decided to photobomb the event, it would probably ruin the day more than rain ever could.

We just hope this guy isn’t a guest who got a little too rowdy before the ceremony. If so, it might just be time to head home early. Whatever this guy’s story is and however he ended up there like this, it can’t be any better than the day you’re having—be thankful!


Getting Your Priorities In Order

Okay, this one could have been a lot worse. Her hammock—therefore her relaxation time—has been torn to shreds, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel: her S’more is safe. Thank goodness for her quick thinking and Smore-snatching mouth skills.

If she cracked her head on the way down, at least the S’more marshmallow would have prevented her from shattering her teeth. It wouldn’t have protected any other part of her body, though. But at least she has a sweet treat to savor to stay the pain.


Dog Gone Stuck

Dogs say hello to other dogs by getting up close and personal with each other’s butts. It’s true of dog culture, no matter where you go. But the same is not true in the human world. It seems that this dog is unaware of that fact.

Or perhaps the poor doggo got their wires crossed during a game of catch and rushed right up their owner’s privates. It looks equally painful for both of them. Maybe you’ve spilled your coffee all over your white shirt or blouse before an important meeting, but just be thankful that you don’t have a dog stuck up your cooch.


High-Stakes Planking 

For a company with mountainous terrain as a part of its logo, it sure doesn’t prepare its truck drivers for the like. This driver took an executive decision and chose the shorter route. Unfortunately, it led to this uncomfortable gaff. 

Either the driver was sneaking a few crates from the back into the passenger seat, or they’d been on the road for too long to notice the sharp slope ahead. Well, nothing to do but set up and crack open a cold one while help arrives—not.


Bump On The Track

There’s a reason this cyclist is clinging to the sides. That’s no log; it’s a killing machine on four legs. The track seems narrow. You might be able to make it past the croc in time, but there’s the problem of making your way back the same way.

It could tail whip you off your cycle and have your leg in a jaw-lock in seconds. Maybe if you managed to find some kind of bait to distract it from the road, you could make it. Are you facing off with a vicious monster with nothing but a dirt bike? We didn’t think so!


Getting In On The Fun

Ah, the ocean. Crystal blue waves, fresh sea air, and terrifying monsters that can snap you up in a second. Thought your day was ruined because you got your tie stuck in the car lot ticket machine somehow? It could have been worse.

You could have been sent out into this circle of death. Given the wide open space they’re in, we’re not sure how these guys managed to escape, but we sure hope that they each made it out in one piece—literally.


Think Before You Ink

Tattoos can do many things. They can be great ice-breakers, reminders, and even displays of art. What they don’t have, however, is a backspace feature. Once you write it in, it’s there for good—and if your artist doesn’t have access to a spell check (or can’t be bothered to use one), “your owt off look.“<

There are just too many problems with this single four-letter statement to get into, but there’s one upside, at least. Or rather, there’s a backside. This guy won’t have to face his mistake in the mirror every day. But he’ll know, deep down.


The Puddle Of Styx

No, your eyes aren’t broken. This driver was simply taking his car down a rain-soaked street when he suddenly went headlights-first into the stygian depths. That’s right: a whole unassuming puddle just ate this 4×4 in broad daylight.

So what if you just golfed a ball into the back of your boss’s husband’s bald head at the course? You could be trying to drag your precious automobile out of a transdimensional puddle. Be grateful for the things you have in life.


Pretty Well Snowed In

The words “snow day” might have different connotations depending on who you are and where you are. If one day, after your morning coffee and hot shower, you opened your door to this, you might be less excited about the prospects of being “snowed in.”

No sledding or making snow angels for you—you’ve been trapped by a deadly frosted flood. The closest you’re going to get is a print of your own front door to keep you company. We can’t imagine what this is going to be like once it melts.<


Some Parking Spot

This is like seeing heads-or-tails coin flip land exactly on its side. It’s unclear how anyone could park their car this way in real life (maybe in a video game) but what’s even less clear is how the driver is going to get it back on the road.

If you ever find yourself in a bad spot in life, remember this car, teeter-tottering precariously on the edge of a cement wall. If it can strike a balance like that, then maybe you can too. The real question is: should you try to balance like that? (No).


Foot In The Door

The rush for the subway can be mad, especially during the morning commute. When you see a closing door, you may instinctively reach to keep it open with your foot. But the subway door will not yield. It may well take a bite out of you.

This unlucky person now has to limp to work with only one foot (or at least one shoe). Look back on this image the next time you find yourself staring at an irrevocably blocked toilet at your new girlfriend’s parents’ home. It could be worse!


The Smooshed Bust

Can you imagine how many hours this must have taken to carve out? That’s hours upon hours of painstaking lines drawing, plucking, and needling, all for nothing. Well, it’s not totally destroyed. It may be flatter, but there’s some kind of face in there.

We can imagine the same expression plastered all over the creator’s face when they saw what had happened. If you’ve been working on a long-term project only to have it all blown up in your face, we’re sure you’ll be able to relate.


Demon Lions

Someone call a priest—or a tiger catcher—or a lion catcher priest—there are demon cats out there looking for blood. Or so it seems. We don’t want to know what happened five seconds after this picture was taken.

Look behind you! His car door is still open. He might have been able to make it out if he really dashed for it. We only hope this guy made it out alive, with his soul and his skin still intact. Humans don’t really have a great track record of beating big cats at running, though.


Off By One

This ticket looks defective. No, that’s just how the lottery goes. What are the odds of this happening? Probably as astronomical as actually winning in the first place, in all likelihood.

The “Take 5” logo is a little inaccurate, though. They would have needed to have taken one from the first number but added one to the second, third, fourth, and fifth to win. It’s a little misleading as names go if you ask us.


Flash Freeze

If you don’t live in a cold place that has snowfall like this, count yourself lucky. Shoveling snow off the drive is bad enough. Having to shovel snow out of the front seat is something that doesn’t bear thinking about.

This car owner must be facepalming themselves into a snow angel for leaving the car window down, even just a little bit. Hopefully, they had some gloves in the house and not in the glove compartment. It would be a little tricky to get to, as you can see.


Crime Croc

This sneaky thief appears to have gotten away with someone’s phone! Quick, call the police—oh wait. Maybe the croc thinks it’s a fish or a snake. Unfortunately, not many phones come with Snake on them nowadays.

Maybe we can look up how to handle a crocodile… darn it. There’s likely no way of getting it back without exchanging a few finger ends. It’s gone. Well, at least this will make a funny Twitter picture. Aw, heck, foiled again!


Bittersweet Sixteen

It’s your big one-six. It’s all built up to this. You’ve got your best candle-blowing face for the camera ready. You’re ready to party until whatever age it is that sixteen-year-olds go to bed these days (seven-thirty?), and the cake’s on its way. What could possibly go—oh, the cake is all over the floor.

Sure, being persecuted for a white-collar crime that you didn’t commit by your own twin brother after being betrayed by your best friend might seem like the worst thing to happen to you today—but imagine how much cake there was to clean up! The birthday party is basically ruined! What a waste!


Having The Neighbours Drop In

Well, there goes the ceiling. You know, you could have just come by the front door—it’s open. The fact that this guy can just drop in like that really makes you worry about the rest of your home’s structural integrity.

What next? Is the toilet seat going to compress down like a little plastic cup? Are the windows going to melt into water under the sun? Either way, this homeowner’s bad day has just begun. It’s going to cost a fortune to fix this mess.


Red Alert!

Red has many connotations to the human eye, one of which is “stay away.” This connotation is also shared in the English language, embodied in the words “wet paint,” which is usually enough to deter anyone from leaning or taking a seat on the painted object.

If you’ve ever walked outside with a shirt on backward or in odd socks or shoes, just remember that it could always be worse. Imagine walking around the city striped in red. Well, at least the parts of you that didn’t match the original color.


The Secret Ingredient—Glass

When you’re hangry after a long day out at work or school, having anything come between you and your food can be maddening. This person seems to have been cooking up a meal for the family. Unfortunately, it probably isn’t feasible to fish out the “bad bits” from this sauce

The lid manufacturer must have cut a few corners when producing this kitchenware. Either that or they smashed the pot in themselves. But why would anyone want to ruin such a perfectly good tomato and glass broth?


Sunburn And Cereal

Ouch. This unfortunate case of sunburn looks painful. Her skin clearly was too milky white to take in the sun’s rays—probably just as milky as the bowl of cereal she had balancing between her legs while she lay outside. There’s even a spoon tan line!

This can happen when you have a house by the pool. One minute you’re catching up on your podcasts and digging into some Frosties; the next, you’re sizzling like bacon, having fallen back asleep. The burns alone are enough to make this one heck of a bad day!


More Oregano, Please

Oregano is a fantastic culinary herb. It can bring out Italian flavor in anything. But for some, it can be overpowering, especially if the shaker lid wasn’t screwed on sufficiently, in which case, it can completely overwhelm the taste buds and, indeed, the flavor of anything with which it is eaten.

This is probably too much for even the most fervent of oregano enjoyers. Hopefully, the restaurant didn’t charge her for using up a year’s worth of herb. Admit it—your day has been smooth sailing by comparison.


All Painted Up And Nowhere To Go

Ever cringe over a mistake you made at work? This guy seems to be dressed up in the right overalls. If we saw this guy outside our apartment, we’d assume that he was a professional painter. And yet, he has made the rookiest of rookie mistakes.

It happens to the best of us, certainly. This just seems to be the worst place to let it happen, given that he’s outside and high up on a rooftop. He’s going to have to wait for the stars to come out before climbing down. Maybe the person that took the photo can get him some snacks—if he can catch them.


The Great Store Oil Spill

All it took was one little push, and gravity did the rest. Whatever happened to you today, wherever you are—at least you don’t have an oil spill on your hands to clean up. Imagine trying to pick up all that slippery, broken glass in the center. There must be at least a thousand dollars of damage here.

At least there were no gulls, ducks, or pelicans in the area. If we were the store manager, we’d wall this area off. You know someone is going to miss the wet floor sign and slip right into that pile of broken bottles—and you know that would be the last worst day they’d ever have.


Monkey's Wild Night

When you leave your pet monkey unattended, it never has a happy ending. It gives new meaning to the words, “wild night.” It looks like this little furry friend ended up exercising some bad eating habits that ended up costing everyone a good nights sleep.


Can you imagine coming home from a feel-good night with some friends only to return to a horrendous “after-party” that you did not RSVP to? It looks like his alleged friends only made the situation worse by documenting the night from multiple angles.


The Transplant Oversight

With modern medicine constantly advancing it seems that minor procedures have become routine and no longer a concern for most. That was probably what this individual thought as he decided to improve his hairline, but one wrong move left him with a hairline and scars he didn’t ask for.


Sometimes all you want to do is go back to the original after what was supposed to help you, ends up giving you an irritated and incomplete look. You know what they say, don’t break what’s not broken.


A Very Not-Merry Unbirthday

Birthdays are awesome and doing something nice for a loved one like baking them a cake always makes them feel extra loved and special. This lady had the right idea by investing in a thick layer of homemade chocolate cake with ganache icing. The preparation and baking alone can take several hours not to mention trying to hide the surprise. Little did she know the surprise was on her.

Source: Kickvick / OG Unknown

This cake didn’t even make it to the party after all that hard work. How disappointing for everyone involved, but you know what they say, “it’s the thought that counts.” We aren’t sure how encouraging this is for her today.


A Home Cooked Meal Making You Feel Like Toast

There is nothing better than a homecooked meal after a hard and long day of work. Enjoying the fruits of your labor is coming we all can relate to any enjoy, from the big things to the small things. Cooking a meal may be a small win but you don’t realize how important it is until you lose it.

Source: imgur

Literally, this man lost his meal to the stove. You’re laughing now but it could happen to anyone. What this bowl was put through to make it collapse in such a manner is beyond us though. It looks like the stove needs a deep clean as well before it collapses too.


Wake Up Call

Most of us need our coffee in the morning to get it on track. If you’re anything like most people working from 9 to 5 then in order to fully wake up you need at least one cup of hot coffee before you make it out the door. For this tired person, the day took an unfortunate turn. Talk about a wake-up call.

Source: imgur

This person may need to rethink how they wake up in the morning in order to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Maybe fewer late nights out on the town. Either way we think it’s safe to say that they aren’t a morning person. We hope tomorrow is better for them.


A Pizza Problem

Arguably there is no better food than pizza. Pizza hits the spot no matter when you eat it, and the general consensus as to what makes it so great is the cheese no doubt. We can imagine the horror when this group of friends got their pizza delivered and it looked like this.

Source: imgur

Hopefully, they checked their pizza before tipping and sending their pizza deliveryman on his way. Dinner is far from served this time and we can’t help but be concerned for their appetites.


Caught Red Handed

This is probably everyone’s worst nightmare on both ends of the stick, being discovered and being cheated on. Both are pretty bad, although only one’s morals are ruined. How can you even navigate a relationship after this? Both parties will be put through the wringer that’s for sure.

Source: Kickvick / OG Unknown

Whether they kept driving or entered if they dared the outcome is still the worst. The person setting up this sign has incredible penmanship so at least the message is loud and clear. The little wins, if you can even call it that.


Off the Road Again

We all need a little help from our friends once in a while, but it’s important to ask the right friends for help. This guy learned the hard way what happens when you intrust the wrong guy to help you move. We don’t think he will be on the road again for a while.

Source: imgur

He may not be talking to his friend for a while either especially after such a horrible day. We can’t blame him, but if he has some rage, at least it isn’t road rage.


A Hard Pantry Pass

Starting your day productively always makes you feel good and this lady had the right idea when she decided to use her free time to organize her pantry. The day took a turn for the worse though when all her hard would literally collapsed in front of her eyes.

Source: Reddit / bhsx

If she learned her lesson, it wasn’t a total waste, but I don’t think she finds that comforting. Pro-tip, always secure your shelves before you start organizing.


Our Very Own "Love Boat"

We give this couple props for taking the leap and investing in their dreams, but we are definitely not letting them make our business plan. The definition of bad luck has arrived. We don’t want to imagine the horror of selling everything you own to buy a boat and losing it after only two days.

Source: Reddit / lklkemc / FoxNews

It could always be worse… if they didn’t have insurance I guess it is. Here’s to hoping they did because things are about to get a lot worse if they didn’t. We think they need to hire a new captain to steer whatever is left of this “love boat” that is if there is anything left of it after this. Someone may be sleeping in the dog house after this.


The Domino Effect

Going to watch a baseball game is always an exciting and entertaining event, but not for these people. It resulted in probably one of the worst days, for the baseball player too. Can you picture all the adrenaline of stepping up to the plate only to have the bat slip out of your hands in front of a whole stadium of people, not to mention ruining and injuring several others? The absolute worst, not to mention embarrassing.

Source: Reddit / YannisALT

This bat struck someone in the face, caused someone else to drop his food, and have it fall on a whole slew of people in the process. Now we have an embarrassed baseball player, a man with a face injury, someone who didn’t get to eat any food, and a bunch of people covered in that food. Awkward!


Send Help

We can’t decide what’s worse, getting your account hacked and having only 9.11 dollars to your name or this actually being all the money you have in it. This may just be rock bottom and we wish calling 911 could fix it.

Source: drollfeed.net

Hopefully, this person is about to get a paycheck soon or else this day just got even worse.


When You're Hot Then You're Cold

Science can be a beautiful thing, it has helped mankind enhance their way of life in many cases… but in some cases, it can cause mishaps. Glass is sensitive, and when you subject it to differences in temperature too quickly accidents can occur, like here. This lovely lady probably skipped her high school chemistry class because she could have saved her glass otherwise.

Source: Source: drollfeed.net

Putting ice cream and then hot tea in the same glass doesn’t sound like a good idea to us so we can’t understand what she was thinking. She brought this bad day on herself but hopefully, she has some ice cream left to make it a little bit better. Disclaimer: DON’T PUT IT IN YOUR TEA GLASS!